When you think of Easter gifts, you're probably thinking about what kinds of things are you putting in your kids Easter baskets this year? But how about Easter Gifts for Dads, maybe you'd like to get him a gift as well? (Your kiddos might want to also!)

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Maybe your mind is drawing a blank, or maybe you'd just like to give him something a little different this year. In any case, we've compiled a list of a few ideas to help you out.

Here are some really great and somewhat Unique Easter Gifts for Dads

  1. Funny Coffee Mug– I'm sure many of the dads in your life already own the ever-popular #1 Dad coffee mug, but how about something with a little humor? I found this mug on Zazzle, and it totally represents my husband (as he says these exact words when we're watching a family movie the kids call him out on falling asleep!).

Celebrate Your Dad with Custom Gifts


  1. Razor Subscription– Yes, you read that right, a subscription to have razors, blades, and other manly products sent directly to his door once a month (or as often as you wish). Check out Dollar Shave Club, and read my review of their products here.

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  1. New Bible– After awhile, pages get tattered and torn, and it's nice to replace it every few years (or 10!). Plus some guys just appreciate the smell of a new book (or wait, maybe that's me…but he might?!)
  1. Personalized Keychain– What better gift for dad than a personalized keychain that includes the names of his children like this one? It's sweet and affordable!
  1. Video Camera– Whether your guy is an outdoors-man or just likes to take videos, the Go-Pro is a super cool and easy way to capture memories. It's super popular today among men and can be used on hunting trips, during sports, and even on vacation. My husband takes his when he goes fishing and then comes home and lets the kids watch the videos. They love it! You can get all kinds of accessories to go with it like this handy carrying case.

  1. Water Bottle– My husband recently got this water bottle and loves it! He brings it to work almost every day and it really has helped him drink more water. He likes that it's large so he doesn't have to stop and fill it up as often.
  1. Truck Tent– Okay so I'll admit that I just discovered this canvas truck tent but I have to say that I love it! Since hubby got his new truck we've discussed getting away for a night. We've even talked about sleeping in the bed of the truck. (This would take some convincing for me, I'm more of a hotel kind of girl. You know, watching the stars and all that.) I think this would be a great Easter gift! I could definitely see an upcoming getaway for the hubbs and I in our future.

  1. Electric Smoker– When the weather is nice we like to barbecue and cook outdoors whenever possible. After wanting one for a long time my husband finally got an  Electric Smoker just like this one. He makes a lot of jerky the most but recently tried a rack of ribs in his new toy.  Let me tell you, they were absolutely delicious! We have even smoked our Thanksgiving turkey in this baby! I'm thinking we might do so for Easter this year as well. MMMM good!

  1. Camping Gear– If your guy loves to camp, there are a slew of camping gifts you could give him. For example, have you heard of the SelkBag Sleepwear System? It's a very cool way to keep warm and cozy on those cold nights outdoors. Read my post about it here.
  1. Manly Shopping Trip–  My husband was thrilled when they built a Cabela's less than an hour away from us! It's his favorite store and no matter what the occasion, he can ALWAYS find something he likes (and usually needs, at least according to him) at Cabela's. We love to shop their Bargain Cave too for really sweet (maybe that's not manly enough…how about rockin?) deals!

There you have it, a fine selection of 10 great Easter gifts for dads.

If you're on a tight budget and want to help your kiddos give daddy something special, here are some other DIY gift ideas that he'll surely love!

Which Easter gift do you think dad would like the best?


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