The Holiday season is officially upon us, and although most of us feel like we're pretty good drivers, who wouldn't want a few extra tips to help keep us all safer?


10 Tips for Safe Driving This Holiday Season


So here they are, 10 Tips for Safe Driving this Holiday Season.


  1. 1. Always Drive Defensively. My husband usually gets upset when he sees me sitting in the passenger seat with a death-grip on the door and pounding the floor with my feet (like there's really a brake on that side…I wish!), but like I tell him, “Honey it's not your driving I don't trust, It's everyone else's!” No matter what the conditions outside, always make sure you're watching what the other guy is doing, especially when the weather's bad.


  1. Get Enough Sleep. Driving tired is like playing Russian Roulette…one of these days your eyes are going to close while you're on the road, and you won't even know what happened! If you haven't gotten enough sleep and absolutely have a long trip to take, then please, when you feel the urge to sleep coming on, stop for a short nap. It will help you get revitalized and could possibly save a life (maybe your own!)


  1. Don't Drink and Drive. Even though this is what I like to call a ‘no-brainer', you'd be amazed at the people out there who put lives in jeopardy every day by drinking and driving. It's simple folks…you can either drink, OR you can drive…the choice is up to you which one you're going to do. If you choose to drink, that's fine, just make sure you're either somewhere you can stay, or have a designated driver.


  1. Avoid Bad Weather. While this isn't always possible, sometimes it is. Say if you know you have to get stuff together for a holiday party, make sure you so ahead of time so you're not forced to go out at the last minute to get items when the weather is atrocious.


  1. Keep Distractions to a Minimum. Sure, singing with the radio is fine, just as long as you don't get so lost in your performance that you're distracted. And I'm not even going to get into a talk about cell phones… three words…DON'T DO IT!


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