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12 Favorite Copycat Recipes

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Eating out is not cheap these days. Not that it ever was cheap, but it seems like every time we head out to eat we can totally expect to drop at least $50 on a nice meal. That $50 can buy many ingredients for things to make at home.

Do you dine out at your favorite places like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Panera, KFC, Chic-Fil-A and others mainly because they offer things you just love! Did you know many of those things, are easily made in your own kitchen?

Check out these copycat recipes for some of your favorites.


Copycat Chic-Fil-A Recipes

Chic-Fil-A is a favorite among many. Here are 2 fun copycat recipes you can make so you don't have to head to Chic-Fil-A.

Copycat Chic-Fil-A Sandwich by Centsless Meals

Chic Fil A Frosted Lemonade by Cincy Shopper


In-N-Out and Eating on a Dime Copycat Recipes

Love those In-N-Out burgers or maybe some yummy brownies from Eating on a Dime. Here are your recipes to make these at home.

In-N-Out Style Burgers by Hezzi D

Copycat Cosmic Brownies by Eating on a Dime


Panera Bread Copycat Recipes

Oh how I love me some yummy Panera Bread food, but the cost is crazy at this place! Check out these 2 soup copycat recipes.

Panera Cream Cheese Potato Soup Copycat by Ann's Entitled Life

Panera Bread Tomato Soup Knock Off by Mom Foodie


McDonald's, Panda Express, KFC, and Wendy's Copycat Recipes

Fast food is a way of life these days for so many. But, the foods made in these restaurants might not be the healthiest options. Yet, making them at home might be a bit healthier. Check out these 4 fun recipes.

Knock Off McDonald's Apple Pie by Centsless Meals

Panda Express Copycat Orange Chicken by The Soccer Mom

KFC Coleslaw Copycat by 3 Boys and a Dog

Pressure Cooker Wendy's Chili by This Old Gal


Olive Garden and Red Lobster Copycat Recipes

A couple of my favorite places to eat, but oh my they don't love me! Thanks IBS! Haha! But, so many yummies that can be made at home. In fact, I recently made the Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi soup and it was amazing.

I shared my pictures of my soup on my Instagram. Check out these great recipes of the Olive Garden soup and the famous biscuits from Red Lobster.

Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup by The Gracious Wife

Copycat Red Lobster Biscuits by Grand Baby Cakes


There you have it! A dozen recipes to make at home and save yourself money. We all love saving money, and making these at home you can be assured of what is actually in the food you eat, which is also a comfort to many.

What of these is your favorite and have you made any of these copycat recipes yourself? Drop me a comment, I'd love to hear from you.


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