12 Must Make Chex Mix Recipes #chexmixrecipe #chexmix #recipes

 Chex Mix Recipes

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A holiday staple in our family has always been a weekend get together for cookie bake. But, it wasn't just cookies we made every year. Lots of other goodies were made like breads, fudge, caramels and of course the highly loved Chex Mix.

There are so many variations of chex mix recipes that no matter what you are into, you can for sure find one you will absolutely love! I am a simple girl and love just the Chex, pretzels and cheerios, mixed with a ton of butter and seasoning.

Recently though I have fallen in love with taking Chex cereals, pretzels, and Oyster Crackers and Cheese crackers in both cheddar and white cheddar, mixing in butter and Ranch dry packets. OH MY!!

Chex Mix Recipes Round Up

Check out this great list of 12 recipes you must make. Maybe you like things spicy, or sweet, or just traditional. No matter what, you will find something tried and true, or new to you in this list.

Thai Chex Mix by Wanna Bite
Crispers Snack Mix by Nepa Mom
Mexican Hot Chocolate Chex Mix by Drugstore Divas
Maple Chipotle Snack Mix by Melanie Makes
Taco Chex Mix by Amanda's Cookin'
Ranch Chex Mix by Swanky Recipes
Slow Cooker Party Mix by Spend with Pennies
Chocolate Chex Mix by Reasons to Skip the Housework
Whopper Chex Mix by Nellie Bellie
Birthday Cake Chex Mix by B Inspired Mama
Nothing But Chex by Shaken Together
Sugar Cookie Chex Mix by The Crock Pot Ladies

Supplies for Chex Mix Recipes

Now that you have taken a look at all the fun recipes I found, how about grabbing your must have ingredients from my shopping lists below.



I hope you enjoy these recipes and if you have a tried and true favorite leave me a comment with what your is. Maybe I will have to try it.


12 Must Make Chex Mix Recipes #chexmixrecipe #chexmix #recipes