We’re all pretty adept at making our home look stylish and cozy. And if we’re not, then there are a million and one blogs online to help us design a home that pleases us aesthetically! But there’s more to owning a house than making sure it looks good. While that’s important, it’ll get boring after a while! What will make a difference to our continued enjoyment of our home is how much fun it is. 

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So there’s the question: how is your fun? If you’re looking around and you don’t see much by way of entertainment, then it might be time to make a few changes. Once you have, you won’t have to look at what’s going on in your neighborhood to have a fun time: you can have fun without leaving your house!

Tech-Free Zones


We’ve got pretty used to having technology wherever we look. It’s forever in our pockets; we’re always waiting for a ping of a message; we have so many gadgets in our home, that it’s a wonder that our hair isn’t constantly standing on its end. Of course, technology is awesome – make sure you have it in your home. But there’s something to be said for creating a tech-free room in your home. Instead of checking your phone every ten minutes, you’ll be able to sink into the deep relaxation that goes along with reading a good book, uninterrupted.


Kid Play Zones


If you’ve got children, then you already know that they’re happy to play anywhere and everywhere! But wouldn’t it be good for everyone if they had their own room just for playing? Pick an unused room, get creative with the decor so that it just screams “children’s play zone” and fill it with their favorite toys and goodies. They’ll be able to play for hours on end without interrupting you or you worrying that they might break something. Everyone wins!


Outdoor Spaces


Your home is more than just your rooms and roof! You’ve got a yard there that’s just waiting to be enjoyed. If you look out of your window and all you see is a grim collection of weeds and overgrown grass, then get to work. You can have a relaxing, fun yard in the matter of a single weekend. Invest in outdoor furniture, add a BBQ, and, again if you have children, look at adding a swingset or paddling pool – or anything that they’ll enjoy, basically. By creating an outdoor space in which you can enjoy long summer evenings, you won’t just be adding a “room” to your property – you’ll be adding what will go onto become your favorite part of your property!


Grow Your Own


Can you imagine how awesome it would be to live in a house where you can step outside, pick some vegetables, and then begin cooking them once you’re in the kitchen? If it sounds appealing, then know this: it is possible! By adding a vegetable garden to your yard, you’ll be able to grow a whole host of foods right on your property, and you’ll also discover that there’s much to enjoy about getting your hands dirty. They’re really easy to get started; all you need is an ounce of enthusiasm. Get the whole family involved – the earlier your children learn about the benefits of eating fresh, the more likely they’ll be to eat healthy foods when they’re older.  


Reading Corners


Are you a reader? Do you have a child who loves nothing more than having their head buried in a book? Then make sure this passion is present in your home. Creating a cozy reading book is one of the most satisfying DIY projects you can work on, and, what’s more, is that anyone can do it. Build it well, add plenty of pillows and throws, and line the surrounding area with your favorite books. You’ll dazzle visitors and have no qualms when there’s heavy rain outside – you’ll just sink into your reading corner for a few hours, no problem.


Bringing the Entertainment


On certain evenings, there’s nothing than gathering the family around, putting on a quality movie, and then enjoying a couple of hours of all-out entertainment. Is your home ready to provide this? If not, then you need to do something about it! If you don’t have access to fast speed internet or cable channels, then take a look at Suddenlink.com. Once you’ve added it to your home, you’ll be able to enjoy many a cozy night in with your loved ones. It’s much better to have the ability to all watch a movie together, rather than have everyone in their individual bedrooms.


Social Spaces


Is yours one of those homes that collapse under the weight of a visitor or two? Are you forever trying to scrape seats together so that people can sit down? If so, then that needs to change too! There’s much to love about creating a space where all your family can gather, and where you can host friends. A good option is the open plan kitchen. With that, you’ll be naturally creating a social space in a place that typically leads out to the yard. Up the social capacity of your home, and you’ll be bringing plenty of love and warmth into your home!


Natural Decorations


It’s in the small details where the magic really exists. You could have lovely furniture, well-painted walls and the like, but if there’s no decoration to speak of, then it’s going to be a bit boring isn’t it? Though perhaps the only thing worse than no decoration is “cookie cutter” decoration; as in, those pieces that are straight out of Ikea, and which hang on everyone’s walls. When it comes to your decorations, think outside the box. Pick up natural decorations like shells and pinecones, and create your own too. And those souvenirs from your travels will bring your walls to life in a way that nothing else can!


New Blood


Is it time for some new life in your home? No, we’re not suggesting that you have another child – we’re suggesting you get a pet! Every home should have a dog, or so some people say – if you’re not quite ready for that level of commitment, then a cat will do just fine. Of course, they’re a responsibility, so don’t get it just for making your home slightly better…


Old-School Gaming


Sure, video games are good, but you know what’s also good? Old school fun! Fill your home with board games, and you’ll never be stuck for things to do. And for the ultimate family get together, there’s nothing better than having a table tennis or pool table in the garage.


Get Arty


Are you a secret wannabe Hemingway, or Picasso? Then it might be time to unleash some of that talent. If you’ve got an attic that’s currently just housing your unused belongings, look at turning it into some sort of studio. If it gets natural light, then all the better. In your pursuit of perfecting your craft, you’ll have a space where you can work without being distracted. There are no guarantees that you’ll be able to create a masterpiece just because you have an arty, creative atmosphere in which to work, but you never know!


Bring Your Personality


Hey, this is your home, so make sure your personality is present! All of your passions, interests, the places you’ve visited, the things you’ve done, and so on – they should all be present in your home. In the process, you’ll be making your home more fun – not for your visitors necessarily, but for you. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by the things they love? If you’re a music fan, then build a shelf that’s dedicated to all of your records. If you’re an outdoor lover, then photos of your travels should line the walls. Don’t try to make your house look like “A” home, make it look like “YOUR” home! Your personality is layered, and awesome (of course); let it shine throughout your home.


Think Outside the Box


Ultimately, one of the best ways to make your home awesome is to make it different from what other people are doing. Think outside of the box. Just because a certain thing has been done “a particular way” in the past, that doesn’t mean that you need to adopt it. Have a think about every aspect of your home, from your doors to your storage and beyond, and think about the best way to do it – not the way you think it should be done. In so doing, you’ll have a home that’s uniquely your own – and, in all likelihood, one that’s awesome.


Final Thoughts


We all spend a long time thinking about the best way to design our homes, forgetting that look is the only aspect of the home. Focus on the overall feel, how relaxing it is, and, yes, how much fun it is, and you’ll be on your way to creating a property that speaks to all of your different needs.