3 of the Best Ways to Prevent Cold Sores. #coldsores #preventingcoldsores #mouthcare #beautytips #momshoppingnetwork
3 of the Best Ways to Prevent Cold Sores

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As moms we're always looking for ways to keep our kids healthy. So when I came across 3 of the best ways to prevent cold sores, I definitely felt like it was something I needed to share.

My daughter had a cold sore one time that just wouldn't go away. It lasted for weeks (months maybe?), and even upon getting medication, it took quite awhile before it disappeared completely. It made her very uncomfortable, and I wish I had known that there were products out there that really worked and could cut her healing time in half!

The first thing we should worry about with cold sores is preventing them. Then if you do wind up with one, finding the best treatment available.

So on that note, here are 3 of the Best Ways to Prevent Cold Sores

Protect your lips 

Using a good lip balm  that has an SPF 21 is a good place to start, such as Lip Clear Lysine+. It's made with herbs and nutrients and it softens, protects, soothes and moisturizes lips.  This will keep lips safe from damaging sun rays as well as infection that attacks chapped lips.


Keep stress low

Stress is a well-known cause of cold sore outbreaks, so keeping your stress level to a minimum is very important. Try making time for a few activities that help you feel more relaxed and less stressed. Reading, meditating, watching a movie,  or going on a walk…whatever it is that you enjoy, do that!


Avoid Touching Lips

Keeping your lips away from others, especially if they already  have a cold sore, is key. This includes kissing, sharing drinking glasses and kitchen utensils, and lip balm or chapstick. (Okay unless you're kissing your significant other and you're positive they don't have a cold sore, LOL!)

3 of the Best Ways to Prevent Cold Sores. #coldsores #preventingcoldsores #mouthcare #beautytips #momshoppingnetwork

But what if you do all this and still wind up with a cold sore?

Use Lip Clear Lysine+

Lip Clear is a natural cold sore ointment shown to reduce the healing time of cold sores by half, making it the most effective herbal nutrient ointment available. It also soothes and stops pain on contact.

You might want to also use a Cold Sore Bandage along with your Lip Clear product. The bandages cover and conceal, along with protecting your cold sore. You an even use them with makeup!

Lip Clear Lysine+ can also be purchased at a variety of stores including Amazon.

Lysine Cold Sore Treatment #coldsore #coldsoretreatment #lysine #momshoppingnetworkPreventing Cold Sores #coldsores #preventingcoldsores #mouthcare #lipcare #beautytips #momshoppingnetwork