Father's Day is a time to celebrate Dad and all that he does for his family. Time to show him how much we love and appreciate him. Time to spend the entire day together….

Or not!

How about we give dad a break this Father's Day? Maybe what he really needs is a little ‘guy time'.

No matter how wonderful fatherhood is, sometimes we all just need a break. These 3 ways to give dad a break this Father's Day are such good ideas and a great way to give dad a special gift this Father's Day. #fathersday #father #fatherhood

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As a mom, I can totally relate. I celebrate being a mom all year long and spend every day with my kids, so taking a ‘break' for Mother's Day to do something I enjoy is a super special gift, and one that I really appreciate. Even if it's not on the actual day, just setting aside a little ‘me time' to do something just for yourself is awesome.

Maybe your guy feels the same way.

If so, here are a few ways you can give dad a break this Father's Day.

Send Dad on an Outdoor Adventure

Deep Sea Fishing– If your man loves to fish, sending him on a deep sea fishing adventure could be just the break he needs! Depending on where you live there are various options available. Here is a place near where we live, to give you an example of the trips available out there. Of course make sure he has the proper gear, like a deep sea fishing rod and reel.

Big Game Hunt– Now this one you'll have to schedule ahead of time for hunting season, but if your guy likes to hunt he will no doubt love this for Father's Day! Montana, Wyoming and Oregon are all popular places to hunt, but there are many others. Sending your man on a guided hunt will no doubt be the adventure of a lifetime!

Here are a few places you can check out for Guided Hunts:

Montana-  Swan Mountain Outfitters

Wyoming-  Boulder Basin Outfitters 

Oregon- Blackhawk Outfitters

Racing School – Does your guy like fast cars? If so, then let dad go on a racing adventure! This is something that I think many husbands and dads would enjoy (I know mine would) and there are numerous racing schools around the country. Be sure to check out each one for their requirements, fees, etc.

Here are a few we found:

Skip Barber Racing School

Pro Drive Driving School

Bondurant Racing School

Oh and don't forget to make sure he's dressed for the part, help him get ready here.

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Give Dad A Night Out

Concert– No matter what kind of music he likes…classic, country, rock & roll…chances are there is something in your area (or close by) that he'd enjoy attending. And if he has a favorite band, be sure to check them out online and see if they're touring in your area, you never know!

Comedy Club– We like to laugh at our house, and going to see a comic in person I think would be a really fun experience. (When we watch them on TV the audience always looks like they're having so much fun!) So let your guy have a break and get his laugh on!

Casino– This is something that people either seem to love or hate. But if you enjoy getting out and doing this just for fun, then visiting a Casino might be something your man would enjoy. Most Casino's also have more than just gambling (if that isn't your thing), things like shows, nice restaurants, gift shops, sports bars, heck, even bingo! (Not that your guy is into that, but hey, no judgment here!) 🙂


Send Dad on a Day Trip

Watch His Favorite Sporting Event– Whether it's baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or whatever he likes, sending Dad out to watch his favorite sporting event is a great idea for Father's Day…and one that I think he will really appreciate. Again, make sure to check and see what's going on in your area, and make travel plans if needed.

Play His Favorite Sport– If dad would rather play sports than watch, send him out for a day of golf, to shoot hoops with the guys, or whatever he likes.

Shop His Favorite Store – Your man will of course need  all those ‘necessities' for whatever he decides to do, so why not let him shop for them? Give him a day to head out to his favorite store and load up on gear and supplies. OR, just let him stay home and shop on Amazon…that works, too! 🙂

The thing about giving Dad a break is that he will be rested, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle his fatherly duties that much more. (At least that's the plan, right?) 🙂

Looking for more ideas for Dad this Father's Day? Check out some of our favorite ideas below! 

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