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4 Habits Minimalists Swear By

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Minimalism is a popular style in 2018. Thanks to the neutral colors and the lack of clutter, it makes a home feel fresh and organized. Plus, there is no need to worry about extensive cleaning or maintenance work. A minimalist home is an undoubted hit.

Of course, saying it and doing it are two different things. To get the vibe just right, you need to understand the tricks of the trade. After all, there is no room or complacency because it only leads to a messy, stressful environment. Like all things, you can turn to the successful people and use their examples.


Here are four habits minimalists swear by.


Ask Do I Need It?

The reason there is lots of mess in an average house is consumerism. We live in a society where the almighty dollar is king and can’t resist unleashing a credit card. As a result, there is lots of stuff around the house which doesn’t need to be there in the first place.

To stop this from happening, you have to prevent the unnecessary purchases in the first place. Ask yourself if you need the item or if you want it – there’s a distinction. Check yourself instead of getting lost in the moment.


Move Clutter Out Of The House

When most people clear away clutter, they find a place for it inside of the property. Usually, there’s a shelf or a closet which has space you can exploit. Although it’s a solution, it’s a short-term one which isn’t effective. Because it’s only upstairs or under the stairs, it’s easy to reintroduce the clutter back into the home.

Instead, check out storage facilities in your area. The storage solutions are everything you need to avoid giving in to temptation. When belongings are packed away in a unit, you’re not going to play around with them on a whim. In fact, you may forget about them altogether. 


Deal With It ASAP

Certain things arrive at the door on a daily basis and pile up over time. Take mail as the ultimate example. It’s not often an important letter is left in the mailbox. Typically, it’s full of promotions and adverts trying to get you to make a sale.

Still, you keep them on the coffee table or on the kitchen counter because they feel important. Minimalists don’t do this – they throw them in the trash, shred or burn them. In short, they deal with clutter as soon as it enters the house. Otherwise, it will stay there forever.


Redecorate Sparingly

It seems as if people redecorate every six months. According to Houzz, the average is five years and you should stick to this time frame. If anything, it’s better to try and go longer. Why? The reason is simple: redecorating encourages you to add new elements to your home.

As soon as this happens, the property loses its minimalist appeal and starts to resemble a normal house. Don’t be afraid to touch up the walls with paint, but think carefully before renovating.


Do you share these habits? If not, do you think you can change?




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