When you think about your son hanging out with his father, what are they usually doing? Watching TV? Playing video games? Messing around with their phones? (Even if it might be a toy one!)

I think with a little motivation (okay so you might have to buy the stinking games and leave them around the house…like, right in front of them) I think your two favorite guys in the world will enjoy these father and son games. They'll be hanging out and bonding in no time!

These will have your favorite guys bonding in no time!

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Here are 5 Classic Father and Son Games

Battleship– Perfect for those lazy nights where your guys just want to chill out…and seek and destroy! I'll never get tired of hearing the phrase “You sank my Battleship!” (Oh wait, that was a commercial from the 70's…never mind!) This is a really fun game though and should keep them busy for a bit so you can have a little down time. (And by down time, I mean clean the kitchen, take meat out of the freezer for tomorrow's dinner, fold the load of laundry that's been in the dryer for three days, sweep the floor, start the dishwasher, and get the kids clothes out for tomorrow. You know, typical mom down time, right?)

This fun air scoop ball game will get them outdoors and moving around! The thing I like about this game is that it's fun no matter what age your kids are, from little all the way up to a teenager. We've had several of these sets and my husband, my kids and myself love playing this in the summertime. (When it's not raining. Oregon, here!)

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots– This is as close to boxing as my son's going to get! I think boys by nature love to wrestle (and fight) and this classic game let's you punch your opponent in the face and try and make his head pop up…what could be better?!

Clue– Ah, a mystery game, I just love a good mystery, don't you? (Colonel Sanders did it in the kitchen with a bucket of chicken! Oh wait, wrong game!) My brother had this game when we were kids, and we spend hours playing it. I think it's a great one for fathers and sons to play…and it's the only time it's okay to play with knives and guns, am I right?

Okay this one is a no-brainer, but I had to include it in the list. Baseball is an American tradition. Even if you have a son who's not athletic, every kid should toss a ball around with his dad. It's like a childhood requirement…a boy literally cannot transform into an adult male until he's done this. (Okay not literally, but you get the picture.) Let the boys go outside and have a ball! (Pun intended!)


These are just a few classic father and son games that every father and son should play, hope this gave you some great ideas!  Which one is your favorite?