You've probably heard the saying that a father is a daughter's first love…that's why daddy/daughter dates are so important! They can sometimes be tricky to pull off, between busy work schedules, after school activities, and family time in general.

5 Excellent Daddy/Daughter Date Ideas


So we thought we'd help by giving you a few options that could save some time when trying to figure out just what to do during this special time.

Here are 5 excellent daddy/daughter date ideas that will help create that special bond between a father and his daughter.
  1. Lunch at a sit down restaurant– With kids, it seems like when we do eat out it's either fast food or something like pizza. Taking your daughter to a nice (doesn't have to be spendy, but a restaurant where they actually wait on you, not a buffet-type) restaurant will make her feel special, like she really is on a date with daddy! Not to mention that the time you have to spend waiting for your meal (as opposed to fast food or a buffet where the food is there quickly) is the perfect time to engage in some thoughtful conversation, with no interruptions (except for when the food arrives!)


  1. Redecorate her room– Depending on the age of your daughter (and the current state of her bedroom), daddy could help her redecorate her bedroom (even if it's only a portion of it or one thing about it). Maybe she wants to paint the walls, or get a new toy shelf, or create a book nook? Go shopping for new treasures, then help her get everything in place and just right. It will hold special meaning knowing daddy helped her get things just the way she likes them!


  1. Attend a Sporting Event– Some girls are very into sports (and if your daughter isn't, there are plenty of other ideas here!) Cheering on your favorite teams is a great way to spend time with your daughter, not to mention taking the opportunity to explain essential life lessons, like the importance of good sportsmanship.


  1. Do a good deed for someone– This is a great opportunity to teach your daughter about helping others. It might be something simple, like washing your neighbors car, or it could be something where you have to get a little out of your comfort zone, like buying a meal for a homeless person. Either way, working together helping someone else is one of the best daddy/daughter dates that I know of. The experience will leave you feeling closer, plus it always feels great to help someone!


  1. Let her choose– Asking your daughter what she wants to do is the best way to get ideas for an excellent daddy/daughter date! Your answers are likely to be varied (again, depending on the age of your child) but you could be looking at anything from playing dress up to going to the mall. (You might want to set a few boundaries ahead of time, especially if Disneyland isn't in your budget right now!) 🙂


What's your favorite thing you've seen for a daddy/daughter date? Share your ideas with us in the comments!