Finding activities to do while your kids are strapped in their car seat or secured safely in their seat belt can take some thought for sure. You want to find something that is safe and fun but that also won't make a huge mess in your auto.

Here are some suggestions for you, hopefully they will help you combat the ‘are we there yet?' monster.


5 Fun Activities For Kids in the Car

Look For Objects

Stop signs or mileage signs, a certain kind of tree, a Wal-Mart…depending on where you're traveling, come up with a list of things the kids can look for. You can even give a small reward for whoever finds the most objects listed!

Do As I Do

As long as your husband or someone else is driving, you can play a game of do as I do with your toddler. Make funny faces, silly expressions, claps and snaps, and repeat this until you're doing several things in a row that they'll have to memorize the order to do them. Not only is this fun, it's a good memory-building skill!

Break Out The Foil

Tinfoil is actually a great way to keep a kid busy, who would've thought?! You can fold it, shape it, twist it, and mold it into just about anything. Have your kids wrap up a small toy, snack, or something from the back seat and play ‘guess what I have wrapped up'.

Get Magnetized

If you have magnets (depending on the age of your child as small magnets are a choking hazard for young children, so just make sure they are kid-friendly) then you've got a fun activity for your kids! All it takes is a simple baking sheet (if you don't want to bring along one of your good ones then just pick up a cheap one from the dollar store) and wha-la, instant travel fun! If you have alphabet magnets, have them spell words, and if they're objects they can make a picture.

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