When you think about Father's Day, I'm sure you can come up with a ton of ideas for gifts for dear old dad. But if he's really into cars, there are even more ways you can help make his day a special one.

5 Great Father's Day Gifts for Car Enthusiasts


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Here are 5 Great Father's Day Gifts for Car Enthusiasts.


A Remote Controlled Car– Let's face it, most guys are kids at heart. Encourage dad to let the little kid out by gifting him with a remote controlled car. Amazon has many to choose from, and prices range from very affordable to extremely expensive, depending on if you want a basic model or if you want it to have all the bells and whistles.

A Rockin Stereo System– For his car, of course! No matter what kind of music your dad likes, no doubt he loves listening to it when cruising in his favorite ride. Getting him a new and upgraded stereo system is sure to have him enjoying his day to the fullest.

Car Wash Gift Card– Dad surely likes to keep his favorite car squeaky clean, and I'm sure he'd appreciate not having to wash it himself, so a gift card to his local car wash is a great option for Father's Day.

Car/Truck Accessories– The thing about a car enthusiast is that they usually always find things that they want to do to their car, ways to fix it up or add a little something extra to it. If your dad owns a truck, he might be interested in adding a bed liner, a tool box or a canopy on his rig. If he owns a car, maybe something as simple as car seat covers, a steering wheel grip or a customized license plate frame will thrill him.

A New Car– Of course the greatest gift for a car enthusiast would actually be a new car, but most of us likely can't afford that option. So here's a thought, rent him one for the day. Maybe he drives an SUV but loves convertibles, he might love to spend the day cruising around with the top down on Father's Day.

I hope these 5 great Father's Day Gifts for Car Enthusiasts helps you get the wheels turning (LOL, see what I did there?) and gives you some ideas about what to get dear old dad.

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