Maybe you're searching for the best housewarming gifts for a work at home mom you know…or maybe you are that work at home mom that wants to give others ideas of what to get you! Either way, we hope this list of ideas will help you find (or suggest!) that perfect gift!
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5 Great Housewarming Gifts for a Work at Home Mom

Decorative Wall Art

There's nothing that makes a house feel more like a home than having the walls decorated. For work at home moms, inspirational art is some of the best kind of art (next to the beautiful drawings created by your kids, that is!).

One place that has a lot of great inspirational wall art is Wayfair. There are so many choices! Everything from beautiful paintings, scriptures, and inspirational quotes will make your home office a place where you'll want to work.

This is one of my favorites and would make a wonderful housewarming gift…or a great gift for any occasion, for that matter.

Desk Organizer

A desk is a must as a work at home mom, and one thing that will help you stay organized is having somewhere to store all your stuff- you know, pens, pencils, a calculator, stapler, and don't forget about your phone!

I'm in love with this desk organizer I found on Amazon, and if purple isn't your color, you're in luck…they have 7 more colors to choose from!

To Do List Notepads

I have these To Do List Notepads myself and personally use them every single day. Writing things down really helps me focus on what I have going on, both work-wise and on the home front. I keep track of appointments, housework tasks and general work stuff (I have a planner specific for my work to do list).

Super Soft Throw Blanket

Who doesn't like a warm, fuzzy throw blanket? Here is a gorgeous one from Amazon (you can't tell I'm a fan of purple, can you?)! This is just right for keeping your legs warm while working at your desk, or while cuddling with your favorite person on the couch. I think blankets are a great housewarming gift for anyone!


Computer Chair Seat Cushion

Working at home, I spend a lot of time at my desk sitting in my computer chair. Not so great for the back (especially when you have a bad back to begin with!). Having a comfortable seat cushion is so helpful, it would be a great gift for any mom who works at home!

Hopefully the next time you're looking for a housewarming gift for a work at home mom you'll remember some of our suggestions. What's the neatest housewarming gift you've ever bought for someone special?