So a couple weeks ago, it happened. I got up and started to make my coffee like any other morning, but when I hit the brew button…nothing happened. Crickets.

Time to get a new coffee maker!

Because after all, life without coffee is no life at all, am I right?

How do I love this coffee maker? Let me count the ways...

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After considering a few different brands and doing a little research, I  decided to go with the Hamilton Beach BrewStation.

Here's why I love this new coffee maker, and I think you will, too!

No Carafe

This is huge people! Not only is there no lifting and pouring involved, but there's no washing (or rather, letting it sit in the sink overnight until the next morning then washing). And you don't have to worry about breaking that darned carafe, either.

No Burning

The temperature of the coffee is maintained without the scorching flavor that you can get when your coffee sits in a carafe.

No Spilling

It's easy to dispense, just place your cup up to the coffee maker and push…just like a soda machine! There's no spilling, so anyone can easily fill your cup without lifting the heavy carafe. In other words, “Oh child, can you bring mama a cup of coffee?” ­čÖé

No Pulling Out the Coffee Maker

With the BrewStation's removable reservoir, it's easy to fill. Just lift it out from the side, fill it under the faucet and snap it back in place. Your coffee maker never has to move at all.

 No Waiting For Individual Cups To Brew

When I drink my coffee in the morning, I drink at least two cups. Usually my daughter and my husband (when he's home) drink a cup as well. The last thing I want to do is have to brew multiple cups of coffee in the morning. I'm doing good to wait for the initial pot to brew!

This coffee maker is perfect for me. It brews multiple cups but dispenses one at a time.

I didn't know this when I purchased the BrewStation, but it also makes iced coffee, which is a nice bonus!

So if you're ready to replace your old model, I really think you'll love this new coffee maker from Hamilton Beach.