You might think trucks are just for guys…and while that might be partially true, I can't say that I wholeheartedly agree.

For starters, I know gals that absolutely love trucks, and wouldn't drive anything else. (Not this minivan mama, but nevertheless).

Trucks are also a great option for families! Consider the following 5 reasons why your family should own a Dodge truck.

5 Reasons Why Your Family Should Own a Dodge Truck

Camping Made Easier

If you're a family who loves to go camping, then a truck is a must! You can fill the bed to the brim with all of your equipment- tents, coolers, sleeping bags and clothing- and maybe even have room to spare! Not to mention that when you get to your campsite, upon unloading your truck bed you have an instant bed to lay in and look up at the stars!

Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree

Our family likes to make the yearly trip to search for and find that perfect Christmas tree…and then cut it down! Hauling it home is a whole lot easier with a truck, it's the best thing for transporting your tree, hands down!

4 Wheeling, Anyone?

Some families really enjoy the woods, the dunes, and anywhere they can take their truck off-road. Not for the faint of heart (or those of us who don't like heights much), 4 wheeling is a great family activity that will keep the kids on the edge of their seats.

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