Safe driving is important to all of us, but still, you might not necessarily be thinking about safety tips before heading out on your holiday road trip.

But we all really should. Having a checklist of sorts to refer to before you head out on your holiday travels will, if nothing else, make you more aware of things to pay attention to. Things that will help keep your family safe. And that's always a good idea.

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5 Safety Tips for Your Holiday Road Trip

Check the Weather

This might seem like an obvious thing, but often in a hurry to get on the road, we neglect to check the weather right before we leave. As you know, weather can be unpredictable and often changes (the weather people are hardly ever right!). Even if you checked it the night before, be sure to check again to make sure there are no road closures and to see if any snow tires or chains are needed.

Prep Your Vehicle

Of course making sure your vehicle has regular maintenance done is important. But when traveling in possible bad weather, you should always prepare for the unexpected too. Carrying things like tire chains, a spare tire, and even something as simple as an ice scraper can be crucial to have. Even extra gas, food and water are good ideas if your road trip travels are taking you through remote areas.

Take Care of Yourself

It might seem silly, but making sure you are taken care of is essential for a safe road trip. Plenty of rest, no alcohol, and a full tummy are all musts. Also make sure that you're not on any medication that might impair your ability to react swiftly and drive defensively.

Remove Distractions

Music is fine as long as there's someone else with you to worry about changing the song or station. And it goes without saying, no cell phone use (some states have even banned cell phone use in cars, I know mine has). Kids, although we love them, should be in the back and occupied as much as possible. If you have to handle a situation with the kids, it's always a good idea to pull over. Chances are they need the break anyway.

Stop Frequently

Speaking of taking a break, making frequent stops will also limit your distractions. Being hungry, having to use the bathroom and dealing with the kids are all things that when on your mind, take away from you being 100% focused on driving. Plus frequent stops will not only help your body (get out and stretch those legs) but it will help your mind and likely put everyone in a better mood

We hope you found these safety trips for your holiday road trip helpful! Are you headed out on the road this holiday season? We'd love to hear where you're going, leave us a comment below!