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5 Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen in a Weekend

5 Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen in a Weekend

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  1. Kristin

    Great tips! I especially liked the pot lid organizers. Those lids are always a struggle in our kitchen. 🙂 Also loved your tip about the basket for your counters. I have four kids too and to keep our kitchen counters relatively clean I treat them like they’re lava. Nobody is allowed to put anything there unless they’re cooking, baking or washing it. 🙂 It helps my kids to follow the rule and not just put stuff there and walk away, but also helps me to realize just how often I used the space as a dumping ground to hold stuff that I didn’t really know what to do with or thought I would, “get to later.” Once I was forced to make a decision about whatever was in my hand that I was about to put there, it helped me to identify where we needed to have systems in place (for sorting the mail, for example) so that everything we actually do need has a home. Anything we don’t is much easier to recycle or donate with that process in place and our overall clutter had dramatically improved. 🙂

    1. Kimi Clark

      Thanks so much Kristin! Yup kitchen counters are definitely one of my problem areas, I love your tip “treat them like they’re lava”, LOL! That’s awesome! I think I need to make a sign to hang up over my counters: “Unless you’re cooking, baking or washing something, it doesn’t go here!” Absolutely love that and will be implementing that rule at my house now for sure. So glad you stopped by, off to check out your blog now! 🙂

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