Getting a new vehicle is exciting for sure, and when it comes to trucks, most guys know exactly what they're looking for.

So if you're out there doing a little searching, hopefully this list of things every guy wants in a new truck should help you out.

If your guy is getting a truck, he'll definitely want these!


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Here are 5 Things Every Guy Wants in a New Truck

  1. Nice Tires

Otherwise known as BIG tires at our house, LOL. If there's one thing that rings true with every truck we've ever purchased, it's that it has to have nice tires. And if it doesn't, then down to Les Schwab we go!

  1. Powerful Engine

You buy a truck to have a heavy duty hauling machine, am I right? Make sure the engine is in great shape and runs well. No matter how good looking a truck is, it always looks bad when broke down on the side of the road.

  1. Bed Liner

Yes, this can be added later on, but be sure to do it before you go hauling stuff. We don't want to scratch that nifty new bed now, do we?

  1. Lift Kit

Let's face it, guys like big trucks. Usually the bigger, the better. Getting one already lifted is the best, but you can always add a lift kit after the fact as well.

  1. Room for the Family

The size of the truck depends on the size of the family. We used to be able to get away with smaller trucks with only room for three people, but now that we're a family of six, we need a full size truck. And that's fine by my hubby.

I'm sure you can think of a few more things that every guy wants in a new truck, be sure to leave your ideas in the comments!