If you're a mom, you know that there are items that you need in your car before making a trip out of the house.

Whether going on a long or short trip, we want to be prepared for the unexpected, don't we?

That's why we've partnered with Holt Fiat of Fort Worth to come up with a list of must-haves you'll want to have on hand when heading out and about in your car with kids in tow.

This is so helpful, I always have #3 on hand!

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Kid Friendly Music

Now depending on the ages of your kids, this could range from hip and trendy pop to the ABC song. A wise choice is to make sure there is something for everyone, but don't worry…if you have older and younger kids, the older ones will likely have their ear buds in and be listening to their own tunes anyway!

Emergency Supplies

I like to have a first aid kit on hand just in case, you never know when you're going to need it. Sometimes it's only something as simple as a band-aid, but other times you might need gauze and ointment. Making sure I have these stored in the car so I don't have to remember them every time I go out (because I certainly won't) gives me peace of mind that supplies are on hand if and when I need them.

Extra Towels

I'm never without these, because it never fails, there's always a spill that needs to be wiped up (or sometimes worse). Towels can be used for not only kid related messes, but also car related problems (ever ordered at a drive through when it's pouring down rain outside? Yeah, you need a towel for that!) These towels are next on my list of things to get!


Kids get hungry…a lot. Pretty much constantly. So having a few snacks on hand isn't just a good idea, it's actually a necessity. Because you don't want to take hungry kiddos anywhere, trust me on this!

A Sweatshirt or Jacket

Sounds silly, but hear me out. There will always be someone who needs this. Always! Someone will always be cold, sometimes even on hot days with the windows down (“That wind is blowing on me!”). I recommend bringing a larger adult size sweatshirt, that way  if you have little ones, they can use it as more like a blanket to cover up with. Hey, whatever works, right?

These are just a few things that every mom needs in her car, but I'm sure you can think of others. Have something you couldn't live without? Please share it in the comments below. And if you found this post useful, please share it on Twitter and Pinterest using the buttons to the left.