Truck shopping, although totally fun, is hard…especially when you're shopping used. There is so much to be aware of, and so many makes and models to choose from. So if you're in the search, we've compiled a few tips…5 to be exact… for finding a good used Dodge truck.

5 Tips For Finding A Good Used Truck

Know What You Want

Have in mind your needs and specifications and you'll be less likely to make a spontaneous purchase and wind up with something that doesn't meet your needs. Consider some of the options below. Are you looking for: 4X4 or 4X2? Short bed or long bed? Regular Cab, Extra Cab, Crew Cab, Quad Cab, or Mega Cab? Automatic or Manual Transmission? Gas or Diesel?   And don't forget the extras! Do you want: A bed liner? Navigation? Power windows and door locks? A DVD player?


Check the Mileage

It is possible to find a good used truck with low miles. Some people do like to buy new and then trade their truck in every couple of years or so for the latest model. Others use their truck mainly for towing boats, trailers, and the like. Even though the truck is taken on trips, it's not used as a daily driver so the miles stay lower than if it were being driven every day. The good news is, even if you find something with high mileage, as long as it's been maintained properly it still likely has many good years of use left in it.


Get the Carfax

To help you know exactly what you're getting, you need to know where it's been. Look at the Carfax and check out the details: Where the truck came from, how many owners it's had, repairs that have been done, and if it has been in an accident.


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