So you have a used car, and you want it to look nice. Hopefully the following 5 tips for keeping your used car looking great will help!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Used Car Looking Great

Don't Eat in the Car

This one is easier said than done if you have kids, I know. But not eating in your car will eliminate so much of the mess! No crumbs, wrappers, and spilled cheerios (you'll never find all of those anyway!) Not to mention liquid spills like soda and juice boxes. If you find it too difficult to eliminate eating in the car altogether, at least limit the amount that you allow eating in the car.


Clean the Windshield

This might seem obvious but when you think about it, how often do you really clean your windshield? It doesn't take much, a few squirts of a good glass cleaner usually does the trick. Or believe it or not, you can still get this done at most gas stations. So the next time you're filling up, just ask the man to wash your windshield for you. And when all else fails, hit the little button and use the windshield washer on your car.


Vacuum Regularly

This is definitely not my favorite thing to do, but it really will make a difference in the appearance of your car. Set yourself a schedule and make sure you stick to it and vacuum regularly. And if you can't, try enlisting one of your kids to do it for you.


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