So you've decided to trade in your Chrysler and get a new car- congratulations!

We've compiled a few tips for trading in your Chrysler, hopefully they'll come in handy and help you in your car buying experience.

5 Tips For Trading In Your Chrysler

Tip #1- Make Sure Your Car is Clean.

You want to get the most value you can out of your Chrysler, so you'll want to make sure to set a good first impression. A messy car will show the dealership that you probably don't take the best care of your vehicle, and they might think it's the same when it comes to maintenance. Always put your e best foot forward.

Tip #2- Have Your Maintenance Records Available.

Show the dealership that you actually do take care of your car…and here's the paperwork to prove it! Letting them see your maintenance records and making sure everything is up to date will increase the value of your trade in.

Tip #3- Know Exactly How Much You Owe.

If you have an outstanding balance on your Chrysler, knowing what it is will greatly expedite your car buying experience. Bring all paperwork with you, including coupon books or your latest payment statement.

Tip #4- Give an Accurate Account of Fuel Mileage.

Keeping track of fuel mileage is always a good idea, but it's especially helpful when trading in your car. People are looking for more fuel efficient cars these days so if you're mileage is good, it can greatly increase your trade in value.

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