So your teenager has gotten his license and he's ready to start driving. This can be both exciting and scary at the same time. As a parent, your main concern is of course how to keep him safe when he's out and about, am I right?

Having a teen driver in the house is scary. These are great tips that will help make sure they're safe.


Here are 5 Tips to Keep Your Teenage Driver Safe Behind the Wheel.


1. Make Sure the Car They're Driving is Reliable. Whether it's the family car or a car of his own, having it checked out by a professional before letting your teen go out is always a good idea. Knowing that there aren't any issues with the brakes and steering is first and foremost, but also the engine needs to be in great shape so your child won't find himself in a bad spot broke down somewhere.

2. Have Clear Boundaries Established Ahead of Time. This means things like where he's allowed to go, how long he can be gone and when he should return. Just because your teen has a license now doesn't mean they get an all-access pass to go anywhere, anytime.

3. Make an Approved List for Passengers. You should know who will be riding in the car, period. Someone need a ride that's not on the list? Too bad…safety is always first. Yes, this might not be popular, but I'd rather have my child be safe than popular.

4. Glove Box the Cell Phone. Making sure your teen has a cell phone on hand is important of course, in case of an emergency. But often more harm than good can come from having one in the car, it's too easy for them to want to check it to see who's texting or to answer a call. Teaching him to put the phone in the glove box before he even starts the car will develop a good habit, and a safe one. Once he arrives at his destination, he can take it out and check on what he might have missed.

5. Keep the Car Regularly Maintained. This goes along with it being reliable, but beyond checking for the big things that could be wrong, just making sure it gets proper oil changes, tire rotation, and fluid levels checked will ensure that it's always in top running condition.


Well there you have it! We hope these 5 Tips to Keep Your Teenage Driver Safe Behind the Wheel have been helpful.


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