I used to have an online store and I loved carrying mom invented products. I not only sold to parents directly, but many of the products were also purchased as unique baby shower gifts!

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There's nothing like supporting moms, and purchasing from mom-owned businesses is one way we can do that as moms ourselves.

Finding a unique baby shower gift and buying from a mom, for a mom, is a remarkable feeling (and statement, I might add)!


Here are 5 of my favorite Baby Shower Gifts Invented by moms below, in random order:


The Mama Taco Towel from The Baby Flamingo Company

Best Baby Shower Gift, Mama Taco Towel

Mom Dea Viola had the same challenges most of us do when bathing a brand new baby, what I like to call ‘the slippery effect.' The fear of our newborn slipping out of our grasp while we try to hold the baby, grab the towel, open the towel while holding on to the baby and the towel…well, not an easy feat, as I'm sure you know.

So she did something about it and invented The Mama Taco Towel. It's essentially a baby bathing towel that is also an apron. You simply tie it around your neck like a traditional apron and it leaves both hands free to hold onto baby at all times.

It's a great gift for any new parent, to find out more about The Mama Taco Towel visit  The Baby Flamingo Comany's Website.


Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry

Teething Bling from SmartMom Jewelry

Although this seems like more of a gift for mom (well, it kind of is), it's also one that baby will enjoy as she grows, trust me. I had to give up wearing necklaces altogether when my kids were small (as I didn't know about Teething Bling, in fact I don't think it was around yet), and it was years before I introduced them back into my life.

With Teething Bling you don't have to give up wearing jewelry like I did! This teething necklace is not only stylish for mom but it's safe for baby. Complete with a breakaway clasp for added safety, it's made of silicone is chemical, lead and latex-free. They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and you can even get bracelets to match!

To learn more about Teething Bling visit their Website, or you can find them on Amazon. They make really great baby shower gifts!

LullyBoo Baby Lounge To Go

LullyBoo Baby Lounge To GoOk so this is truly the bomb. I know there are many travel accessories out there nowadays for moms, but this one is so compact and easy to set up. (Yeah, I didn't have one of these either, but man do I wish I would have!)

With the LullyBoo Baby Lounge To Go your baby will have a safe place to sleep, play, even be changed! It comes in several colors and can go from a backpack to a travel bed (and back to a backpack) in a matter of seconds!

There's nothing worse than being at a friend or family member's house and not having anywhere safe to lay the baby. I mean sure, you could bring a pack and play, but maybe you're just making a quick trip and don't want the hassle of bringing along heavy baby equipment. This lightweight baby travel bed is a great alternative!

Loopy Gear Baby Rattle Holder

Loopy Gear Baby Rattle Holder

I can't tell you how much I love this product! As a mom with a son whose favorite game was ‘let's see how many times I can throw this toy on the floor and have mom pick it up', this baby rattle holder would have been a life changer!

Your baby's toy will remain close at hand (literally) and away from the dirty floor for as long as you wish (and you won't have to pick it up 5 million times a day!). This is great when traveling in the car or shopping with the baby. Visit Loopy Gear's website to learn more and see their other great products.

Kidzikoo Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Insulator

Kidzikoo Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Insulator

This baby bottle and sippy cup insulator honestly took me awhile to really appreciate. I was kind of thinking, okay, is this really a necessary product? Well if you've ever had your toddler hand you back her sippy cup because the juice was warm and she wants ‘more juice' (which translates to GET ME SOME COLD STUFF MAMA!) then you can see how helpful this can be for any parent.

The Kidzikoo comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is great for all types of bottles. It's actually multipurpose because as well as keeping cold things cold, it also keeps hot things hot and condensation off of your furniture. It's made from neoprene and is durable and machine washable. Bring the coolest gift to your next baby shower!

I'm sure you've realized by now that moms rule the world…and we come up with some pretty terrific stuff, too! The above products will not only make unique baby shower gifts, but you might even want to pick up one for yourself. Just sayin'. 🙂

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These are the most unique baby shower products I have seen in awhile, love these! #babyshowergifts #gifts #giftideas

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