Most people who own a truck have fun just driving it, but there are many other ways to have fun with your truck this summer.

Are you a truck-owning family? Check out these awesome ways to have fun with it this summer!

Here are a few ideas:


Go Boating- When most people think of summer, what's one of the first things that comes to mind?

Water! Having a truck allows you to pull a boat to your favorite lake or river, and get out in the water for some good times! Whether you like tubing, water skiing or just cruising around in your boat, being on the water is summer fun at its finest.


Take it Camping- With a truck, you can pull a travel trailer that makes it camping easy and fun. But even if you don't have a trailer, there are other options.

A truck tent fits on the bed of your truck and instantly converts it to a comfortable sleeping space for two (or three, or four, if you have little ones). Just insert an air mattress and you'll be able to camp out anywhere, anytime!

And of course, you can always just throw the sleeping bags in the bed and sleep under the stars!


Hit the Drive In– Although drive in theaters aren't as popular or readily available as they used to be, there still are a few around. And there's nothing more fun than getting out the lawn chairs (or sleeping bags and pillows) and getting cozy in the back of your truck to see a good show.


Discover Trails– One of my husband's favorite things to do is quad riding. He heads out to the woods and discovers trails, and loves getting out into nature. The beach is also a great place for quad riding. Having a truck gives you the freedom to haul things like quads to have fun with in the summertime.


Four Wheeling- If you have four wheel drive, hitting the hills might be something you enjoy. Of course make sure whoever is driving is an experienced driver, safety is always first priority!

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How are you going to have fun with your truck this summer? Choose something off the list, and go for it!