Many of us take road trips to visit family during the holidays…and many more of us dread the drive to get where we're headed to. Rest assured, there are actually a few things you can do to make sure your holiday trip goes smoothly.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Holiday Trip Goes Smoothly


5 Ways to Make Sure Your Holiday Trip Goes Smoothly


  1. Make Sure Your Car is Travel-Ready.

Having your car ready to go will make your trip not only start out well, but progress more efficiently. Have your gas tank full, your oil and fluids checked, and your windshield clean.

  1. Keep Your Eye On the Weather.

Nothing can cause a more difficult trip than the weather. Make sure you've checked the weather, not only where you're headed, but also all the places you'll pass through to get there. Avoid the routes where the weather is treacherous, but if you must go through bad weather, make sure your prepared.

  1. Map Out Your Route.

Knowing the route you need to take to get where you're going is essential for a smooth trip, and with the internet and smartphones nowadays, there's absolutely no excuse for not knowing where you're going! You can use Google Maps as you travel, or if you're more old fashioned and like a paper map in front of you, print out the map and directions before you leave on your trip.

  1. Bring Lots of Snacks.

Hungry passengers make for a terrible road trip! Always pack lots of snacks, preferably not candy that will make everyone a bit too energetic (especially if you're traveling with kids!). If you're doing the driving, try not to eat too heavily as heavy meals tend to make a person sleepy…and we don't want that while you're driving!


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