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5 Ways to Remember Your Loved One at Christmas

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Celebrating Christmas without a loved one can be extremely difficult, especially when that friend or family member has passed away. Some people who are grieving find it hard to have fun at all.

But rather than forgoing the holidays altogether, why not focus on finding ways to remember your loved one at Christmas?

Unfortunately I speak from experience in this area. I have lost several loved ones in my life, but the one that has been the hardest was losing my mom. She passed away on February 3 2007 at the age of 53 and Christmas hasn't been the same for me since.

Life does go on and we learn to do things without those we love because that is what we have to do.

So know that as I share these ideas, I also share the pain that you're feeling if you've lost a loved one. ♥

Here are a 5 ways to remember your loved one at Christmas

Light a Candle

One of the most common ways of remembering someone during the holidays, is the act of lighting a candle on Christmas Eve. A candle for some can represent the light of the person they lost, meaning that their flame continues to burn and their spirit lives on.

Lighting a remembrance candle and saying a simple prayer, whether at home or wherever you may be, is a great way to pay tribute to your loved one.

Plant a Tree

Why not plant a tree in memory of the person you’ve lost? A pine tree is the most obvious choice, because of the season, but any other type of tree is suitable as well. This is an excellent way to remember someone, while helping Mother Nature to boot. By turning it into a yearly tradition, more trees will grow and more people will enjoy them.

It's also a great way to give the gift of remembrance to another person who has lost a loved one. Giving them a card or certificate saying that a tree will be planted in their loved one's memory is a super special gift.

Donate Something

If your loved one had a favorite charity or interest, consider making a donation in his or her name. It doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary in nature, you can donate your time or personal belongings as well.

In the spirit of Christmas you can purchase several small gifts to donate to a charity such as Toys for Tots or your local women’s shelter.

If the idea of donating to charity really appeals to you, think about doing it all through the year. It’s a fantastic way to help others and keep the spirit of your loved one alive indefinitely. These don’t need to be large donations, by any means.

When you give to charity, even the smallest gift is appreciated. The year my Mom passed I donated to St Jude and continue to do so.

Go Out to Dinner

If your family usually eats Christmas dinner at home, maybe it’s time for a change of scenery. Make it special by making reservations at your loved one’s favorite restaurant. Go one step further and ask everyone to order one of that person’s favorite foods.

Chances are the dinnertime conversation will revolve around fond memories of your loved one, in no time at all.

If you don't want to leave the house for Christmas dinner, you can do this any day during Christmas week. And if going out for dinner isn't in your plans, you can stay home and make your loved one's favorite meal, and still enjoy sharing stories of remembrance around the dinner table.

Continue a Family Tradition

For my family, that means baking my mom's special Christmas Cookies. Every year the women in my family get together and do a cookie bake, and my Mom's favorite cookie is always on the list.

The Buttery Cupcake Cookie was her favorite and I blogged about it on Living Smart Girl when I owned that blog.

Your tradition might be driving around looking at Christmas lights, playing a special game, or singing Christmas carols. Whatever it is, take joy in remembering the special time you spent doing this activity with your loved one.

Baking Christmas Cookies #cookies #christmascookies #rememberinglovedones

These are just a few ways to remember a loved one at Christmas. You don’t have to partake in all of them, do what feels right to you.  But doing something will help to bring back memories of those you love and miss the most, and just might help you heal a little in the process.

One of the most crucial things to remember, any time of the year, is that everyone grieves differently. Your journey might be totally different than someone else's, and that's okay.

First Christmas

If this is the first Christmas without your loved one, I'm so sorry. And I'm not gonna lie, it will be difficult…probably the hardest thing you've ever done. And the people around you who aren't going through this may not understand your grief.

Take it one day at a time and to try not to be hard on yourself or others. Concentrate on the wonderful memories of your loved one and if you need to cry, sob, scream, just do it. I still, after all these years shed many tears on the holidays.

They say time heals all wounds…I don't agree. But what time does do is it gives you the ability to get used to the pain and learn to live with it. You can eventually love life again, trust me. It won't be easy and you'll shed a lot of tears, but it will happen.

Will you be remembering a loved one this Christmas? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments, I read every single one.



Missing My Mom at the Holidays #missingmymom #missinglovedones

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom, Dad, Me (in the middle holding my new son David), my Grandma and Grandpa (also both gone now) and my sister Suzy. My son is now 27 and he was only 11 days old here. This was Mother's Day 1992.

Missing My Mom at the Holidays #missingmymom #missinglovedones

Here is the beautiful flowers, pictures and Urn at my Mother's funeral. Just sharing this with you brings floods of tears to my eyes making it hard to see as I type. So, this just goes to show you that even after all these years, I miss her more than words can ever express.

I hope you find these Ways to Remember Your Loved One at Christmas tips helpful.

5 Ways to Remember Your Loved One at Christmas  #rememberinglovedones #christmas #lightacandle