If you're like me, you might have days in the summer where you don't feel like doing your makeup at all.

So I thought it would be fun to share a few summer makeup tips for moms that will have you on the go participating in summer activities (which probably includes chasing your kids!) in no time.

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Now while I'm not an expert on makeup, I have been wearing it for a number of years. I've learned a few things about wearing makeup in the summer.

Summer is hot in most places, and that means you need to choose the best sweatproof makeup. Especially if you're going to be spending time outside, by the pool, or at the beach. Oh and if you work out whether it's at home or in the gym, you'll want to find the best gym makeup.


6 Summer Makeup Tips For Moms


  1. Less is More

The first rule of summer: Less is truly more. Let's face it, it's hot outside. Who wants to walk around with foundation streaking down your face and raccoon eyes from your mascara?

Take it down a notch, and use less…of everything. The rest of these tips will help and show you how to cut back on your makeup usage.


  1. Ditch the Heavy Foundation

Most foundations are heavy, and can definitely get messy in the summer. They can run, drip, and even form lines in the natural creases in your face. Not pretty.

Plus even if your foundation stays put, having something heavy and thick on your face in the summer clogs your pores, and that can't be too good for your face when you're hot and sweating.

If you still want foundation without all the heaviness, I recommend switching to a mineral powder foundation. It truly is the best makeup for summer heat.  I've used several brands before, but my favorites are Mineral Hygeinics and Move Makeup. Move makeup is the perfect gym makeup and summer makeup because it's sweatproof makeup. The entire line is actually made for women who sweat!

To learn more about Move Makeup and the rest of the makeup products I use, visit this post—> Best Summer Makeup Products


  1. Top Lashes Only

Along with using a waterproof and smudge proof mascara (which sometimes work, but not always) what I do in the summer a lot is to only put mascara on my top lashes. This helps avoid the raccoon eyes because with my bottom lashes bare, I don't get the under eye circles from my mascara. Even if the top smudges some, it's not nearly as bad.

This is also a great tip if you're doing a lot of crying (or expect to be). And yes, this tip comes from experience too.


  1. Blush Your Eyelids

Instead of heavy shadow, what I do a lot in the summer is use a little bit of blush or bronzer (this bronzer is one of my favorites)  on my eyelids. This gives just a hint of color without the heaviness of a shadow. It's also super quick to apply!

I actually did this for years when I was younger (I went through a phase where I didn't wear shadow at all) and used to get compliments all the time on my eye makeup, which was funny because I didn't have tons of it on. It just goes to show you that less truly is more.


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  1. Lip Gloss Baby

This is a summer must-have for me (it's actually a year-round necessity in my book). Lipstick is heavy and can bleed like crazy when it's hot, not to mention dry out your lips…yuck!

Having a good lip gloss (or chapstick) keeps your lips moist, and can even provide a hint of color if you want. I always keep one on hand and use it consistently throughout the day to keep my lips soft and prevent cracking.

minerals makeup

  1. No Makeup Days

This is probably my all-time favorite summer makeup tip! Summer is the best time  to not even bother with makeup at all. Au-natur-al, baby!

Between being outside with your kids and in and out of the pool, why bother? There are some days I actually put makeup on only to have it completely washed off after our afternoon swim. And you'll usually hear me say, “Well that was a waste of makeup!”

Going without makeup, although it might be scary at first if you're the type who never leaves the house without it, can actually be freeing. And let's face it, there are many days where we don't actually leave the house anyway, and our kids don't care if we wear it or not, they love us just the same! 🙂


Well there you have it, 6 Summer Makeup Tips For Moms.

I hope this will help simplify your beauty routine and give you confidence and self-assurance to be who you are. Remember that less is more and  beauty really comes from the inside anyway.


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