So you're looking for a new car…or new to you anyway. Maybe the one you have is still in decent shape, or maybe it needs a little TLC. Either way, these 6 simple tips can make sure you get the highest value possible when trading in your used car.

6 Tips For Getting The Highest Value Possible When Trading In Your Used Car


Keep it Clean

You know what they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness…and it helps you get more money for your used car! Take the time to do a thorough cleaning job, from wiping the dash and doors, to vacuuming the seats and floor. It will make a good first impression and your car will look well taken care of.


Check all Fluids

Make sure you check all fluid levels:

Transmission fluid

Brake fluid


Power Steering Fluid

Engine Oil

Heck, I'd even check the wiper fluid just for good measure!


Know Your Value

Make sure you've done thorough research on your vehicle so you know exactly what it's worth. With access to the internet that we have today there's no excuse for not doing your homework.

Be realistic: Is your car in excellent shape, fair condition, or does it need some serious work? This will help you get a good idea of what a fair value is for your used car.


Replace or Repair Damaged Items

Things like broken knobs, cracked windshields, and worn tires can be repaired or replaced without too much trouble and not an extreme amount of money. Your car insurance might even help pay for some things (such as a cracked windshield), depending of course on your policy.


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