So you say you're a true cat lover, but let me ask you this: Does your cat own everything on this list? See, these are things that every cat lover needs to get their cat right now, and lucky for you, we're here to show you how!

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Just shop through the affiliate links below and your cat will be on the way to owning the latest cool stuff for their cat bungalo!

Cat Carrier Backpack

Don't expect your kitty to walk everywhere you go. This awesome cat carrier backpack means you're the taxi. She owns you and she knows it. Plus she gets a window seat every trip.

Cat Sleeping Bag

Just in case your cat is planning a sleepover, make sure he has his very own cat sleeping bag. After all, just because your friends don't stay over doesn't mean his won't! Great cat gift for any kitty!

Pet Video Monitor

Since you refuse to stay home with your cat all day, you'd better make sure she's kept safe. With this Pet Video Monitor Wireless Security Camera you can watch her throughout the day. Does a cat meow make a sound when no one is around to hear it? You'll find out!

Cat Turntable

So your cat gave up his promising career as a DJ to be a stay at home cat. The least you can do is get him this Cat Playhouse Series turntable. He'll have cat scratch fever in no time.


Pineapple Bed

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea? Spongecat square pants! (Yeah I have kids!) Let your furbaby be the princess of her own pineapple castle that comes complete with a hanging ball inside (how purfect!) 🙂

GPS Pet Tracker

With this pet tracker you won't ever lose track of your kitty. It easily attaches to their regular collar. Get instantly notified via text or email alert if your cat tries to escape goes out to roam the neighborhood.

Cat Costume

There's a new sheriff in town and her name is Slim Kitty. Pet costumes aren't just for Halloween anymore, you can dress up your cat any day of the year. Infact, you're crazy if you don't. Do you think she wants to walk around naked all the time? Come on!  Costumes are the perfect cat gift!

Don't be a disappointment to your kitty! Be sure to get these things every cat lover needs to get their cat…right now! Your furry friend will thank you for it, instead of spending countless hours staring at you (likely thinking of ways to plot your untimely death).