There are simply things that your car has to have if you're a parent. So we've compiled this handy checklist to help you out!

These are 8 things your car needs if you're a parent, these are really helpful tips for moms and dads!

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8 Things Your Car Has to Have if You're a Parent



Whether it's a crying baby or screaming toddler that you're trying to drown out console or a teenager who just wants the music LOUD, having a radio or CD player is something you'll want to make sure your car is equipped with.

Sure, older kids have their own devices nowadays they listen to music on. But seriously, that doesn't always help you. Plus you need to be able to sing like you're a rockstar when you're cruising in that minivan, am I right?


Air Conditioning-

There's nothing worse than hot kids in the car (except maybe a hot mama!). Making sure they stay cool will not only be good for them, but it will save your sanity as well.

Every time we go car shopping, my top two things I look for are:

#1- does the car smell like smoke?

#2- does it have air conditioning?

If it's not a definite no on #1 and yes on #2, we keep looking!


Cup Holders-

It's never ending…baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, soda cans…oh and we can't forget coffee mugs! When you're a parent, you'll need as many cup holders as possible in your vehicle. Trust me on this, there's nothing worse than having everyone hold their own drink as you drive in traffic.

Luckily most cars have these. And if you still find yourself short on cup holders, consider adding an extra cupholder or two!

A Garbage Can

Kids produce garbage, I swear sometimes they manufacture it. You can have what you think is an empty car, and they'll find something in the back seat. Plus the food wrappers, snack bags, and the occasional French fry will make their way to the floor of your car if you don't have a place to put them.


DVD Player-

Truth be told, you might be able to get by without this one as long as you're not planning any long road trips or family vacations. But if you are, then plan on investing in a DVD player for your car unless you want several different devices playing several different things at the same time (headache, anyone?) Unless of  course everyone has their own set of headphones, then it's all good!

There are actually DVD players that come in sets and each one plays a different movie, but I found this one that's cool because you can play the same movie on both screens!


From toys to gear to sporting equipment, kids have lots of stuff! Make sure the car you choose has room for it all. You can always add a car organizer to make sure things are right where they need to be and organized.


Floor Mats-

We get rain in our part of the country…a lot of rain. So not having floor mats is basically asking for the floor of your car to get permanently stained and ruined. Water proof ones are great and can be purchased either from a dealer or at a local auto shop.

Power Outlet-

Kids these days have their electronics in hand a lot. So having a power outlet for them to charge their life-saving (or you would think they were, because apparently they'll die without them) devices is an absolute necessity!

Of course now they have portable cell phone chargers that do the trick for phones. But still…even they need to be charged! So a power outlet is a must-have, and most cars come with them. But make sure you have them in the backseat as well for the kiddos.


There you have it, 8 things your has to have if you're a parent. Keep this list handy the next time you go car shopping or shopping for accessories for your auto!  🙂