It might be a big birthday celebration, a career promotion, or an anniversary; every significant occasion deserves to be celebrated in style. However, guys tend to take a back seat, especially when the get-together is just for them, so it might be time to take the lead and plan a party that the whole family will appreciate. Making the celebration a memorable experience can be straightforward if you plan ahead and thoroughly prepare.

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The following are some tips and ideas for those who want to show their man how much they appreciate him, how proud they are, and how much love his family and friends have for him, even if he’s a little shy. So, get your notebook and a pen ready and start planning the exciting event.


The Element Of Surprise


It can be a challenge to organize a surprise party; so, do yourself a favor and take away the stress by not doing one. However, you can still surprise the guest of honor and make his event something he’ll never forget. Think about gifts or entertainment he’d appreciate, and present him with something special at the get-together; he’ll appreciate your thought and effort, and there’ll be some great photo opportunities.


Or perhaps he’s more of a no gifts, please kinda guy; you could request donations to a charity that’s close to his heart instead, which will also take any pressure away from your guests to buy the right item. You could also invite some distant friends and relatives who your loved one hasn’t seen for ages; pay for people’s travel and offer them accommodation so they can turn up and surprise him. Perhaps old school and college friends, or colleagues and relatives who he misses dearly would make the perfect surprise addition to the party.


A Feast He’ll Remember


It’s no secret that everybody loves a good feed when it comes to a get-together, so you guy’s party should be no different. Think about what he likes to indulge in the most and base the party food and drinks around his favorite cuisine. Perhaps pizza is top of your partner’s “to-eat” list; you could provide homemade, or ordered-in, versions with a variety of toppings (including his topping of choice, obviously) so that everyone will get stuck in. Make a pizza cake, or provide a sweet version of a pizza for dessert; if he loves to eat it, include it at every opportunity. If your other half favors barbecued food; you could host a BBQ party.


People can bring something to throw on the coals, or a side dish (again, instead of traditional gifts), so that there’s plenty of food to go around, and they’ll be something that each individual enjoys. Ask people to bring their own drinks, and provide people with what your guy loves to sip on at special occasions; party cups are optional, but a fun addition to the day or night’s festivities.


The Best Memories


You’ve put so much effort into the event, so you’ll want to be able to look back on the festivities and remember them. Therefore, encourage all the guests to take photographs; perhaps you could provide party-goers with disposable cameras, which you can develop afterward. You’ll be able to see all the fun situations in the photos that you may have missed on the day, and printed photos are perfect for creating an album or scrapbook as a keepsake and another gift for your partner.