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About Mom Shopping Network

About Mom Shopping Network

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When one visits a new site, the first question is, what is this site all about. With the mass amount of blogs popping up daily, you want to follow ones that align with who you are, what your goals are and what you like.

Mom Shopping Network will be here to show you some amazing things. Shopping tips, product round ups, life hacks, budget and finance tips, recipes, decorating, health, beauty, fashion and more.

About Me


Mom Shopping Network is a newer site to me but has been online for many years. Excited now that I have it in my hands to breathe new life into it and bring the sites readers lots of great stuff.

No stranger to blogging as I have been working from home for years. Recently I sold a couple of my blogs as my life has transitioned away from the niches those blogs where in.

However, please do check them out when you get time as they were my babies and you will see how hard I worked and get a glimpse into who I am. and

Living Smart Girl and Today's Work at Home Mom is where you will see them.

Now, my new passion is my travel blog That Traveling Chick. This blog was started because I love to travel, love to find great deals, and love to share travel tips and experiences with others who are looking to travel as well.

I live life one day at a time and love finding the best deals on everything I shop for so Mom Shopping Network seemed like a perfect fit to tie together all the things in my life. Finding and sharing deals, and traveling.

So here you will find just that. A little daily life stuff like fashion, beauty, fitness, recipes, travel, and more.

When I am not blogging, or taking care of my 2 dogs and 1 cat and of course my hubby, you will find me doing some yoga, taking a walk, working in my yard, cooking, traveling and even taking the stage as the lead singer in a tribute band.

The fun never ends so hang around and you will see how I roll!

Misc TidBits

I have always been a doer, and one who can't just have one thing on my plate. I need many things going on to be happy. That is a fault of mine I guess, but a good fault I feel.

I am a brand promoter for It Works and like to share the great products that It Works offers as well as consume them myself. All natural, health and wellness products that work, hence the name, It Works!

If you love to save money on all sorts of stuff you can also join my Facebook group called The Mom Shopping Network. It's run by me and my friend Kathy who owns Prim Mart and Making It All Work.

The Business Side of Things

I work with business and brands both large and small that are looking to reach a mom-centered/budget conscious audience.

Our audience is 97% female who are interested in beauty and fashion, home and garden, shopping, bargain hunting, lifestyle topics, finance topics, family and pets and more.

I offer Sponsored posts, advertising, and social media campaigns. If you're interested in having your business featured on Mom Shopping Network, let me know and we can discuss your options.

Contact Me

My Style

I don't consider myself a fashionista by any means. I am a jean and t-shirt kinda girl. This is my style. Like it, click it and shop it!




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