Decorating for the holidays is fun, but sometimes finding affordable holiday decorations for your car can be a challenge.
You're going to love these affordable holiday decorations for your car, they're so cute! Holiday|holidays|holiday decorations|holiday decorations Christmas|car decals|car decals vinyl|car decorations

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We're here to help! We've partnered with Starr Motors to bring you these holiday decorating ideas for your car.

Check out these holiday decorations for your car that won't break the bank!

Window Clings

These window clings are sure to bring a little holiday spirit to other drivers. They work for your car as well as your home, just make sure they're not obstructing the drivers view in any way.

Reindeer Car Decoration Kit

This set comes with a pair of plush fabric-covered antlers that hook above your car's front door windows. A large red reindeer nose fastens on your front bumper or grill. Because who doesn't want their car look like Rudolph?

Elf Leg Magnets

These Elf Leg Magnets for your trunk are sure to cause other motorists to chuckle! They also work on lockers, mailboxes or any metal surface. Perfect for the home or office as well.

Holiday Car Magnets

More holiday spirit for your car! This set comes with a variety of holiday magnets and can also be used on garage doors, refrigerators, filing cabinets, school lockers and more!

Snowman Backseat Driver Car Cling

I don't know about you but I have a couple backseat drivers in my family. I guess with this snowman window cling you can always say that you already have a backseat driver, ha ha!

Are you a big decorator and if so, do you decorate your car for the holidays? We'd love to hear about it, please leave a comment below!