Anyone who knows me knows that my motto is live life in flip flops, so I was excited to try out Ahhsoles textured flip flops as they fit my lifestyle perfectly.

One thing about wearing flip flops is that you want comfortable flip flops, and I couldn't help but chuckle about the name Ahhsoles and their motto: “Offensively Comfortable”.

I was searching for a pair of comfortable flip flops, glad I found this!

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Ahhsoles were created when the founder stepped out of the shower and onto a bath mat after a long weary day of golf. Instantly his feet were rejuvenated by the funky texture and the massaging sensation of a new bathmat. Realizing he might be onto something, he decided to create a comfortable flip flop with these same elements that he could share with the world.

The company experiments with various textures and colors to create unique styles that aren't your traditional flip-flops. Just look at their name.

Here are a few of their textured flip flop styles:

  • The Blue Coral: Give your feet a unique massage with the Coral sole of this stylish sandal. Its soft web-like feel is meant to mimic the feel of a soft bed of soft spindly coral! Also available in Green Coral.


  • The Green Ripple: This relaxing Ripple-Sole gives your feet a much-needed break! The wave-like feel of the soft soles will have your heels resting on newly formed sand. Also available in Pink Ripple.


  • The SeaGrass: Send your feet to radiant relaxation with the SeaGrass soles! The soft grass feel tickles your toes and massages your most needed pressure points.


Once you set foot in these comfortable textured flip flops, you'll find yourself saying “Ahhhhh!” and you'll understand where their name came from!


I was excited to try out a pair of Pink Ripple and a pair of Green Coral.

Pink Ripple

These are the most comfortable flip flops you'll ever wear, no joke!


Green Coral

These textured flip flops will give your feet a massage, you have to try them for yourself!


I enjoyed wearing both pairs, but I have to say that the Pink Ripple is definitely my favorite. They really do cushion your feet like you're getting a massage! They're so much more comfortable to walk around in than your regular, run of the mill flip flops. And trust me, I know…I wear a lot of flip flops!


Soak up the sun with the perfect pair of flip flops for all your summer trips and activities. Spend summer in comfort with  Ahhsoles textured flip flops!


Visit their website to Shop for your Ahhsoles textured flip flops or purchase here.


And remember to Live Life in Flip Flops!