I'd like to share a few amazing decorating tips that will transform your master bedroom from plain and unorganized to a space you'll actually want to spend time in.

These master bedroom ideas can be implemented one at a time, so don't feel like you have to have the time to tackle them all before you start. (Or budget for that matter!) If you're like me, that's a great excuse to put off updating your master bedroom is the fact that you might not have the time to complete the entire project right away. That's totally okay!

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The point here is to choose one tip and get started. You don't have to complete the entire project in a day, or in a weekend. Just pick one thing and then start.

Here are 13 Amazing Decorating Tips That Will Transform Your Master Bedroom



Getting rid of the clutter is task number one. Anything that doesn't serve a purpose or that you haven't used in a year, goes. The rest needs a place to call home. Whether you move it to another spot in the house, a closet, or find a way to store it is up to you. But no more junk on your dressers, on your nightstand, or on the floor. These tips to help you declutter your house might help! Or you can start by asking yourself these questions that will help you declutter your home.

If you haven't heard of Marie Kondo (you might be the only one! Just kidding!) I suggest you check out her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I started watching her new series on Netflix and she has me seriously wanting to clean and declutter my entire house!


When organizing a master bedroom, you have to create necessary storage, whether that be in your master closet, in a dresser, a shelf, etc. You can even buy boxes, bins, or baskets to store some of your items. The key is to put as much as possible out of sight, and have what is in sight look decorative and pretty, not like just a bunch of stuff thrown wherever.

To me, this is the hardest part of all, and is why I have put off decorating my master bedroom for so long. I'm so glad I found this post on How to Organize a Master Bedroom from Clean & Scentsible, it's chock full of organizing and cleaning tips that will help you get your master bedroom up to snuff in no time. I'm definitely going through it thoroughly and gleaning all the helpful tips I can!



Painting a room is a great way to give it a different look without knocking down walls or changing too much. Yes, it's a pain to move furniture, but your master bedroom can have a totally new vibe with just a new coat of paint. Take a look at this post from Jenna Kate at Home to get some beautiful paint color ideas for your master bedroom.



We have a ceiling fan with a light above our bed as our main source of light, but I also have a lamp on my nightstand. Changing out either of those items would help me modernize my master bedroom and give it a new look.

I actually recently did update my lamp and I'm happy to say I love the look of it. I couldn't find the exact one to link to (we bought ours at Cabelas and I couldn't find it online) but it's similar to the one pictured below.

Curtains or Blinds

Switching to custom blinds, shades or buying new curtains can help transform your master bedroom. How your window looks I think makes a big difference in any room. Do you want light and airy or dark and rich colors? Curtains to pull back or shades to draw?

Not sure about what to choose? Check out this helpful Guide to Choosing Blinds and Shades from Wayfair.


Flooring or Carpet

Getting new flooring or new carpet will of course give your bedroom a different feel. But even if that's not in the cards for you right now, you can always get a new area rug to give it a little change without spending too much money.

New Linens

Upgrading your linens can really update your master bedroom . You can totally switch your color scheme by changing the color of your sheets and a few accent items throughout the area.

And there's such a huge array of color choices, you can find just about any color you love and have it be part of the main color scheme in your master bedroom. These are the new sheets we recently purchased and have been very happy with them.

Throw Pillows

A great way to decorate your master bedroom is with throw pillows (sometimes called accent pillows). Just a few will easily change the look of a room.
Here's a fun tip: If you already have pillows but you want something different and don't want to invest in all new pillows, consider getting throw pillow covers.

Pictures or Wall Hangings

Adding new pictures can completely change up the look of your master bedroom. Even if you already have wall hangings or art, swapping out what you have for something new is a great decorating tip that you can implement without spending a lot of money.

Use your children's artwork, or if you're an artist yourself, create your own painting or drawing. Seek out free home decor printables online. Shop places like Hobby Lobby, Target, or even Dollar Tree to find wall hangings on the cheap.


More Ideas on How to Decorate a Master Bedroom


Throw Blankets/Extra Blankets

A nice throw blanket on your bed can make or break the entire look of your master bedroom in my opinion. Chunky throw blankets are all the rage these days and look beautiful draped at the end of the bed.  A throw blanket is also easy enough to switch out to give your room a little different look, I like to keep a couple in storage so I can change up the look of my room whenever I feel like it.


Photo courtesy of Becozi


People either love them or hate them, but candles can be a nice addition to a master bedroom, providing you keep them away from children and pets.

My mom loved candles so I grew up smelling the delicious fragrances as she burned them almost daily. Nowadays they have so many yummy scents to choose from, and vibrant colors as well. The best thing is you can get candles very inexpensively at places like Walmart, Target, Ross and Home Goods.



For some people, collectibles can mean clutter. But if you have them displayed in such a way that they really add to your decorating, they can be a good thing. The trouble with collectibles is that it can make it hard to stick to a decorating theme if your collections are all over the place. But if you can reign it in and stick to what goes with the theme of your master bedroom, collectibles can be a great way to decorate.



Furniture can of course transform your master bedroom for the better. Who doesn't love new furniture? I swear I'd switch things up every few months at our house if I could!

But you don't necessarily have to change out all the furniture in a room to make it over. Choose one piece to add…maybe a nightstand, a book shelf, or a new headboard. Even small changes can make a big difference when it comes to decorating your master bedroom.

And don't forget that if you're a DIY enthusiast, there are literally thousands (if not more!) DIY furniture ideas on Pinterest, head over and look if you need a little inspiration!

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Keep it Clean and Organized

I think no matter what decorating tips you choose to implement for your master bedroom, the key to really transforming it is to keep it clean and organized. Even the prettiest decor won't stay looking beautiful if it's nestled among clutter.

But alas, we'll save master bedroom organizing hacks for another post, another day!


I hope you've found these 13 Amazing Decorating Tips That Will Transform Your Master Bedroom useful. Just know that whatever you do with your master bedroom decor, there is no right or wrong way to decorate. Decorating is about making your living space enjoyable for yourself and your family members. Do what you love, don't worry about keeping up with the Jones's, and you'll be happy and content. 🙂

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