If you're a work at home mom, there are certain products you'll want in your home office. Products that help you stay organized, efficient and inspired.

The types of products you have in your home office will of course depend on what kind of work you actually do.  But if you have a home office, I'm assuming you're either a blogger, small business owner, entrepreneur, or that you do something that requires you have a home office. Am I right? 🙂

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These are definitely products you'll want in your home office, they make working at home a whole lot easier! Home office | work at home | office supplies | office decor | work at home office

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If you already have your home office set up, I'm going to assume you have the basics: A good quality desk, comfortable office chair, and a top-notch computer. But there's much more that an office needs.

Here are some awesome products that, if you don't already have them, you might want to consider adding to your office:

Paper Tray

Having a system for organizing your papers (or at least keeping them from being strewn all over your desk) is crucial to home office organization. I have something like this now (only three tiers high)  but I'd like to get something like a hanging file organizer soon. The good thing is you can find these just about anywhere from Walmart to Home Goods, and of course Amazon.


A must-have for every office, you can get a basic commercial desk stapler like the one below for under 7 bucks! Or if you'd rather have a fancy stapler you can find them fairly inexpensively as well.

Pencil Holder

There are so many choices when it comes to pencil holders. I use a beautiful wooden one my son made me in his high school shop class…I just love it. But Amazon has a huge variety of pencil holders that are practical, stylish, and affordable.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

I got an electric pencil sharpener a couple years ago at Christmas and let me tell you, it amazes me that such a simple thing could bring me so much joy! (Am I the only one who loves a nice, sharp pencil?)

Sharp Pencil and Blank Notebook Quote

Gel Pens

Okay so maybe this isn't something you really need for a home office, but if you're the creative type (or just like pretty things) gel pens are whole lot of fun. Plus they can be really useful too. If you're a blogger, you can use different colors to keep track of different blogging tasks. I like to use my gel pens first thing in the morning along with my sketch book to get my creative juices flowing, I write down ideas along with inspirational words and quotes. You can also use a journal as well, I talk a little bit more about this in my post about Self Care for Moms.


If you know me at all, you know that I'm a hopeless Post-It note addict! Post-Its are great because they're always there when you need them. Have to jot down a password really fast? Grab a Post-It! Phone number? Post-It! Write yourself an inspirational message for the day? You get the picture. Post-Its are something you'll definitely want in your home office.


I love natural sunlight best. Unfortunately my desk doesn't sit by a window (as it's in the middle of our family room) so I use a lamp. Lamp's are a great addition to any office because even if you're near a window, you probably at least occasionally work at night. Houzz has some really neat desk lamps in all price ranges.

Catalina Lighting Rosie 19-Inch Desk Lamp, 20458-000 Rose Gold and Faux Marble


Inspirational Photos

When you sit at your desk, you should feel inspired. Whether it be pictures of your family, scenic photos of places you'd like to go (or have been to), or inspirational quotes, hang pictures and wall art that makes you feel peaceful and happy. Learn more about choosing the best wall art for your space in this post.

Well there you have it, awesome products that you'll want in your home office! Which ones do you already have, and which do you still need to get?

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These are definitely products you'll want in your home office, they make working at home a whole lot easier! Home office | work at home | office supplies | office decor | work at home office