Finding newborn baby gift ideas is so much fun, but it can be challenging to find just the right baby supplies. That's why we've created The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide, to help you find practical baby shower gifts and nursery room essentials easily and affordably!

We'll cover baby shower on a budget ideas and newborn gift ideas including must have baby products!

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So without further ado, let's dive into this Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide, shall we?!


New Baby Gift Ideas

To start off with when contemplating baby shower gift ideas, you might want to start by creating a baby item list. Think about the newborn baby essentials that most parents will need when a new baby arrives.

Most parents truly appreciate gifts that are newborn essentials rather than stuff they really don't need or won't use.

Examples of essential products for a newborn baby would be:

  • Diapers– Of course you'll need to find out if the parents are going to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers before you buy.
  • Baby Wipes– Same thing, although most parents use disposable baby wipes, there are also reusable wipes available.
  • Onesies– Also known as bodysuits if you're buying any brand other than Gerber. Personally I always used and loved Gerber Onesises with all my babies.
  • Burp Rags– You can get specially made burp cloths or use cloth diapers like I did. Either way, parents will appreciate this gift as they will go through a lot of these daily, trust me!
  • Swaddling Blankets– The number of these parents will need can depend on how often their baby spits up as well as how often they do laundry. In this case, more is good! It's better to have extra receiving blankets than not enough, so this is a great gift idea!
  • Newborn Size Clothing– New outfits are something every baby shower gift guide includes. But here's a word to the wise: Don't buy too many newborn sized outfits!

Babies grow so quickly. I actually had so many newborn outfits that my son never wore some of them. (Well he did come out at a whopping 10 pounds 11 ounces, so yeah, there's that.)

Try staggering your clothing gifts: One newborn outfit, one 3-6 months, and one 6-9 month. This is a practical gift and one that mom and dad will appreciate.

Most Essential Things a Newborn Baby Needs

Along with what we've mentioned above, there are some big ticket baby products required for newborn. Some of these can no doubt be purchased at a later date, but parents will love receiving some of these bigger items as gifts.

New Baby Gift Ideas Such as:

If you're unsure about the style or color to get, be sure to ask if the parents have a baby registry. (And if not, maybe you can suggest it to them! It sure makes buying baby shower gifts a whole lot easier!)

Places like Amazon and Target have baby registries that allow parents to be to save the items they want the most. This is great especially for things like cribs, car seats and the products mentioned above.

It's like a baby shower gift list that people can browse before they buy a gift. That way you know exactly what products the parents want for their baby.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Now the fun stuff! Finding Unique baby shower gifts is also an option, especially since most people will be bringing practical gifts!

Diaper cakes for baby showers are super fun to give! I've seen some really cute ones (in fact, I used to have diaper cakes for sale at our local Saturday Market years ago, so fun!).

You can find them on places like Etsy, or you can find instructions to make homemade baby shower cakes on YouTube!

Check out this great homemade baby shower gift idea – a DIY diaper cake!

I know, the baby is the typical gift recipient focus when it comes to baby showers. But consider bringing new baby gifts for parents or even gifts for siblings!

Gifts such as grocery delivery service or a restaurant gift card for a night out would make great gifts for mom & dad!

And you could pick up a special toy for the new big brother or sister. Don't forget about the big brother/sister T-shirt, it's something most new parents want for their older child when the new baby comes!

Need more ideas? Visit our post 5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts Invented by Moms!


Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

A gift basket is quite the trendy baby gift. Baby shower gift baskets are fun to make as you can include baby necessities as well as unique baby gifts. Plus it's fun to put them together and dress them up a little!

Use a stylish basket that can later be used in the babies nursery, or even as home decor in another room. I've also seen laundry basket gift ideas that are put together super cute!

You can include baby items needed such as:

A unique gift idea is to load all the products into a diaper bag. I had that done for me at one of my baby showers and I loved it! It's so much fun to unpack the bag and see what's inside.

Gift baskets are such a fun homemade baby shower gift idea, but if DIYing isn't your thing, you can definitely pick these up already put together.


Check out this post from You and Kids for lots of baby shower gift basket ideas!

More Newborn Baby Stuff

Only you can decide what the best baby gifts are for the recipient as hopefully you know them well enough to know what they are in need of and what they already have.

Here are some ideas of baby products you need for a newborn according to moms we surveyed.

There are things that some parents will want, while others might not. So it's always best to ask first to see if they plan on using baby items such as:

A helpful tip when it comes to baby shower gifts is to always keep the receipt. That way if the parent's receive a duplicate gift they can always return one. Or sometimes they might want to choose a different size/style/color/brand of something.


Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts

Believe it or not, cheap baby shower gifts aren't hard to find. Everyone has their own budget and just because a gift is inexpensive doesn't mean it can't be a good quality, nice gift.

You just have to know where to look for the deals!

This is one of my favorite sites for finding affordable baby shower gifts. They always have the cutest things! Look at the pictures below for examples of things they have right now.

The thing with this site is the items are deals and usually only available for a few days. And if it's a popular product, they do sell out quick.

I recommend signing up to receive their emails, then you'll get the deals sent straight to your inbox. That way you won't miss anything good!

You can visit the site here and click ‘login', go to the bottom and hit ‘sign up'.


You can find lots more baby shower on a budget ideas in this post from the wonderful parents at Fun, Cheap or Free.


We hope this Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide has given you some great ideas for your next baby shower gift!

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