I'm on the hunt for the best shoes for women this summer. There are oh so many choices, what's a girl to do?

These are the best summer shoes for women I've seen in awhile, now I know where to get new women's shoes! #womenswear #summershoes #shoes #summerstyle

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Summer footwear for women ranges from tennis shoes and sandals to water and swim shoes. Oh and I can't forget about my absolute favorite shoes for women…flip flops!

But the kind of shoes you buy depends on several factors.

When contemplating which summer shoes you want to wear, you'll want to consider a few things.

Your Activities

What you're going to spend the summer doing will largely decide which type of women's shoes you'll want to get. If you're going to be pool side, on the beach or doing a lot of water sports or just spending time in the water, consider getting Aqua shoes (also known as swim shoes) or water sandals. These are great because they offer support without being totally barefoot. Especially if you're going to be in a river or lake where there could be debris at the bottom. Your feet can also breathe and have a chance to dry off a bit in water sandals.

On the other hand, if you're active and doing hiking and other outdoor activities, you might consider a supportive walking shoe or even hiking boots.

Your Footwear Needs

What I mean by this is the amount of support you need in a shoe. It's important that your feet are comfortable, even in summer footwear. You might have to wear a tennis shoe or specialty shoe that offers that type of support.

Comfortability not only means support but also the general well being of your feet. Take my feet for example. In the summer, unless I'm going to be doing an outdoor activity that requires a lot of walking, I hate wearing close-toe shoes. Like, seriously can't stand it. My feet get too hot and thus make the rest of my body overheat. That's why I live in flip flops during the summer. (Except for around the house, then I'm always barefoot.)

These are the flip flops I'm living in right now.


Your Budget

How much you're planning on spending on your summer shoes of course will influence which type of shoes you buy. Make sure to do your research because there really are a wide range of options out there today. Especially with many of the deal sites like Jane and Zulily, you can find the type of shoes you want for a fraction of the regular price.

This is one of the best places to get affordable summer sandals, I just love Jane.com!

A really great place to get summer shoes for women is ShoeDazzle.

You take a style quiz and then ShoeDazzle chooses which types of shoes to  show you based on your preferences. Then, shop your heart out! You can either just shop as a basic customer or you can become a VIP member for $39.95 a month.

What's included with VIP membership:
  • Up to 25% off retail prices
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You can either spend your monthly fee or save it up to spend another time. Also, you can skip a month if you're not ready to make a purchase, as long as you do it by the 5th of the month you won't be charged. And of course you can cancel at any time.

If you become a VIP member you receive 50% off your first item,  how awesome is that?! Just click the banner below to check out all the gorgeous shoes at ShoeDazzle today!

So as you can see,  there really are a ton of options when it comes to shoes for women this summer. Which women's summer shoes are your favorite? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!