While shopping for a used truck can be fun, it can also be nerve-wracking! So we're bringing you the Best Tips for Buying a Used Truck to help you in your search for the right truck for your family.

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Before you even think about heading out to search for your new rig, there are a few things you might want to do first.


Decide What You Need

Consider what you'll be using the truck for: work, business, hauling around the family? If you're doing quite a bit of driving, you'll want to check out the gas mileage. Plus think about the features you need: Long or short bed? Automatic or Manual transmission? 4X4?

Think About What You Want

You know, the extras that might not be necessary but that are nice to have: Navigation, a Bed Liner, Tool Box, DVD player?

Do Your Research

Make sure to do your research on the particular type of truck you're looking for. Sometimes what you find can sway your decision about what you want to purchase, or even confirm it. Either way, having more knowledge is always better. Read reviews from other truck owners to see what their experiences have been.


Now that you have an idea about what you're looking for, consider these tips:


Buy From a Dealer You Trust

Sticking with a familiar dealer, maybe one your family or friends have used, is usually a good idea. If you're branching out to someone new, just do a little research first and learn about the company before you decide to shop with them.

Inspect The Truck

When you find a truck that really suits you, make sure to give it a thorough once-over…a few times! Look for scratches, dents, and leaks. Check out the condition of the interior, the dashboard, roof and seats. And of course have a look at the engine.

Get the Records

Most dealers will offer you the Carfax right off the bat, but if not, don't hesitate to ask for it. You will want to know where the truck came from, how many owners, and if they had regular maintenance performed.

Well there you have it! We hope these tips for buying a used truck will be helpful to you when you're ready to get your next truck.

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