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The Best Yellow Kitchen Decor You Need to See


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Are you a fan of yellow kitchens? If so, you're in luck because we've found the best yellow kitchen decor that anyone who is a fan of yellow kitchens will love!

Get ready for the ultimate list of yellow kitchen decor ideas including what's hot and where to find it. We'll also feature yellow decorating ideas to help you design a cheery, bright kitchen you'll love.

Can you have too much yellow in a kitchen? I don't think so, unless of course you have yellow kitchen walls. Then using too much yellow decor might be overkill. You'll want to mix it up a bit and add in lots of other matching colors. We cover these ideas in detail below.

But Yellow is one of those fresh colors that gives any room a brighter look, especially in the kitchen.

The following list is chock full of ideas to help you decorate your kitchen if you're a huge fan of yellow.

Yellow Kitchen Curtains

Of course the type of kitchen curtains you choose depends on the type and measurement of your window. There are many sizes and styles of kitchen curtains like these simple grommet panel curtains.

You can also find custom sized curtain window treatments like this pretty yellow and white plaid curtains. Maybe you are not wanting yellow which is cool because they offer many colors to choose from.


Yellow Kitchen Rugs

Adding a touch of yellow by laying a rug is an easy way to incorporate your love of yellow into your kitchen. Runner rugs are great for galley style kitchens, but would also work well in pretty much any kitchen size.


This modern plush rug is very popular on Amazon and is a great choice if you like the shag look. I think it would be comfy to stand on while doing dishes, how about you?


Yellow Kitchen Towels

There's nothing like a new, clean kitchen towel. Having enough on hand to switch them out often (especially during cold and flu season) is  important.

Most people have their kitchen towels they are using out in plain view, so choosing yellow towels or a combination of yellow and white will be a nice addition of color in your kitchen.


Yellow Kitchen Towels #yellowkitchentowels


Yellow Kitchen Utensils

It's common to have cooking utensils sitting out in plain view in the kitchen, so why not have them match your yellow kitchen decor? A cute utensil holder sitting on the counter can also add a touch of color to the room.


Yellow Cooking Utensils #cookingutensils #yellowkitchenideas


Lemon Kitchen Decor

This is all the rage these days when it comes to yellow kitchen decor. Lemons are everywhere!

And there are a plethora of ways to add lemon decor to your kitchen:

Lemon Table Runner

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Lemon Wall Clock


Lemon Wall Art  

Lemon kitchen decor #lemonkitchendecor


These would also be a fun addition to a lemon decorated kitchen!

And I can't forget to include my absolute favorite lemon kitchen hand soap and lotion set.


More Yellow Decorating Ideas

Here are some additional yellow accents for your kitchen:

Yellow Colander

Spoon Rest  

Yellow Tea Kettle 

Yellow Bread Box  

Soap/Lotion Dispenser  

Yellow Cookware 

Pineapple Artificial Succulent  

Kitchen cabinets with steel appliances and granite tops and yellow walls. #yellowkitchen #kitchen #kitchendecor


These yellow bar stools would look great with a breakfast bar, don't you think?

Yellow accents are perfect for Spring, and if you're really worried about too much yellow, you can pair it with another color when you decorate.


Consider the following Yellow kitchen decorating ideas:


Yellow and Red Kitchen

Mixing yellow and red kitchen decor will assure you won't have an overabundance of yellow in your room. Consider adding wall hangings that include both colors, and alternate small appliance colors as well.

Here are some ideas:

Red Can Opener 

Yellow & Red (& Green) Utensil Holder

Red & Yellow  Wall Art

Adding red accents such as a Red Backsplash will also allow you to include more yellow kitchen decor without it feeling like overkill.

Red Kitchen Backsplash #kitchen #kitchenremodel #kitchendecor


Blue and Yellow Kitchen

A yellow and blue kitchen is a fun option as there are so many shades of blue you can use. Imagine a pale yellow kitchen with royal blue, light blue, or even navy cabinets.

Add a few matching accessories such as this Navy Decorative Tray and you have a kitchen that makes a statement.

Other Blue and Yellow Kitchen Ideas:

Place Mats 

Sunflower Rug

Wall Decor 

Peel & Stick Wall Tile

TIVA DESIGN Peel and Stick Wall Tile Sticker Art Kitchen Eclectic Set of 24 #kitchendecor #kitchen #kitchenredo


What is the most popular color for kitchen walls? Find out here!



Yellow and Black Kitchen

This look reminds me of the retro kitchens of times past. But nowadays, yellow and black kitchens give off a pretty modern vibe.

Sleek decor such as this decorative ceramic planter can really add to the space. And feel free to play on the bumble bee theme by adding something like this fun set.

New yellow kitchen interior with furniture and appliances in a black and yellow theme. #blackandyellowkitchen #kitchen #kitchenredo #kitchendecor


Consider pairing black and yellow decor and accessories such as:


Green and Yellow Kitchen

Are you thinking yellow and green kitchen decor is only from the 70s? Even though you're not wrong, today more and more people love using vintage decor in their homes, including their kitchen.

Also remember that there are all different shades of green. You don't have to love the avocado green of the 70s (although many people do!). Consider a forest or hunter green to  pair with yellow accents for your kitchen. Or maybe a lime or apple green is more your style.

Close-up of a table with fruit, plants and magazines in a bright kitchen interior. Cupboards in the background. #kitchen #kitchendecor #yellowkitchen

Green and yellow give off an earthy feel, you can even add in natural elements like wood and stone to your space.

Not to mention plants, whether artificial or real, are a wonderful addition to your kitchen decorating.


Home decor ideas for a green and yellow kitchen:

Teal and Yellow Kitchen Decor

This is probably my favorite yellow kitchen color theme as to me it screams the beach. When you add teal in with your yellow kitchen decor, you can create a beach style theme or a vintage theme.

Vintage home decor, ancient turquoise siphon, freesias bouquet and bottles on a white wooden background. #tealandyellow #kitchendecor #kitchen


If you're a fan too, here are some teal or turquoise and yellow kitchen decor ideas you might consider:

And of course you can't forget about the Keurig!!


Yellow and Gray Kitchen Decor

Grey can compliment yellow, so it's a great choice for everything from cabinets and shelves to barstools and countertop decor. Aluminum decor and tin decor are both popular choices (and basically the same thing in today's times).

White chairs at wooden table with yellow flowers in dining room interior with plants. #kitchen #kitchendecor #yellowkitchen


Here are a few decor options in yellow and grey:



We hope this post about The Best in Yellow Kitchen Decor has given you inspiration to redecorate your own kitchen!

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