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The Biggest Farmhouse Decor Trends

The Biggest Farmhouse Decor Trends

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  1. Lisa French

    Kimi, I enjoyed your “biggest farmhouse decor” post….you have such a warm, friendly writing style. I look forward to seeing more from you…super great job! Lisa French. P.s. I live on a farm, and girl, you are not alone with the DUST thing! No open shelving HERE either!

    1. Kimi Clark

      Lisa thank you so much for your sweet comment, you just made my day! I had to laugh about the dust and open shelving, glad to know I’m not alone, ha ha! I really appreciate you stopping by and hope you visit again soon (and bring lots of friends)! 🙂

  2. Warner

    This is a really great post for farmhouse decor. I love your shear Copper sink. The sink is most of the important thing for a kitchen. Thank you for shear a great article.

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