When you wake up in the morning the last thing you want in a stumbling, disorganised and hectic experience in the bathroom. You want to head to work feeling fresh faced, vibrant and relaxed after a calming morning routine. You are always up for redecorating your house on a budget and your bathroom is the next place that needs some love and attention. Your shower is never quite the right temperature, your shampoo bottle often falls over and you are fed up of grabbing hold of a cold, damp towel every morning. Refresh your bathroom using these stylish and simple techniques; you will soon find that your bathroom experience is brilliant again.

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Storage is Key


If you can find a beautiful storage unit that can keep your accessories tidy and act as a statement piece in your bathroom, then you need to take it! This will be one of the most useful items of furniture you will ever have so find a 42 inch bathroom vanity to suit your needs and your style. You can use it to store makeup, toiletries, toilet roll and towels so that your bathroom looks and feels chic at all times.


Keep it Clean


The bathroom is arguably one of the most annoying rooms in the house to keep clean. Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom right? The key is to keep on top of the bathroom cleaning. If you allow mold, damp and mildew to build up over time in your shower you are going to have to spend a lot of time and money to clean up. A simple spritz once or twice a week will keep everything gleaming and glamorous. Use natural products such as lemon and white wine vinegar to add a sophisticated shine to your silver taps or even unclog your drains!



Helpful Shower Hacks


There is nothing more annoying than spilling or tripping over your shampoo and shower gel every time you hop into the shower. Find a hanging basket solution that you can simply drape over the shower door. All of your toiletries will be perfectly stacked and you won’t have to worry about those unexpected spillages any longer.


Speedy Solutions


If you don’t already have a heated towel rail in your bathroom then this could just be your saving grace. You will no longer have to hang your towel on the back of the bathroom door and pray for it to dry. The warm towel rail will dry your damp cloths speedily so that you can snuggle up every single morning when you dry off. This is especially useful in the winter time, so even if you don’t think you need it now it is worth investing in for when the seasons change.


So you don’t have to be stuck with a dreary and dull bathroom any longer, just implement these unique and innovative ideas. Make your morning routine flow flawlessly so that you can start your day off in the best way possible. From fabulous vanities to superb shower storage, you will soon have the beautiful bathroom of your dreams without the huge price tag.