It seems like these days more and more people are looking to find work from home businesses that you can start for cheap- like, under $100 cheap! And while you might have to weed through the garbage and scams, there truly are some great options out there today if you know where to look and have the hustle and drive to create for yourself the life you want to live.

Businesses You Can Start for Under $100

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Businesses You Can Start for Under $100

Blogging– Yes, blogging is a business. While it might not be for everyone, there are those of us who work as hard at blogging as any business owner, and it provides or helps to provide an income for our family. That being said, blogging is NOT a get rich quick type of business, and often it will take months (dare I say years?) before you'll see a return on your investment.

The startup costs to begin a blog are minimal, and that's one thing that attracts many people to it I think. There is the possibility of big rewards for a modest investment. The main things you'll spend money on in the beginning are your domain name and hosting fees. There are tons of extras, like custom themes, graphic design services, pictures, email providers, how to books, courses…the list goes on and on. But you can definitely get started for under $100.


Freelance Writing– If you like to write and you're fairly good at it, you can get paid to write for other people! Magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, and more all need writers. You can actually get started with no money upfront at all, as long as you have a decent computer and internet service. Although having a website is a good idea, you don't even need one to start.

There are courses out there that can not only help you get started, but can walk you through step by step exactly what you need to do to be successful as a writer. I recommend this one.


Virtual Assistant– Helping other business owners online with tasks such as social media management, editing, SEO, research and more is a great way to start your business, and just like freelance writing, can be one on the cheap. Basically all you need is your computer and an internet connection.

You could spend a little money to educate yourself, depending on your skill set and how much knowledge you already have about virtual assisting. This course could help you get started.


Direct Sales– Many direct selling companies do cost quite a bit to get started, but there are some out there that you can start for under $100. It Works, Bella BranchAvonCountry Gourmet Home,  and Jewelry Candles to name a few. Most companies come with some sort of starter kit, website, and promotional materials you need to get your business going.

As with any business opportunity, make sure you do due diligence and thoroughly research whichever opportunity you decide to pursue. While some companies require you to have home parties, others can be ran strictly online. A huge plus and why many moms go with a direct sales business is you have total freedom over your own schedule. Work when you want, as much or as little as you want, around the needs of your family.


Moms nowadays are fortunate to be able to work at home and even start our own businesses. With all the opportunities today to get started inexpensively, you shouldn't let anything hold you back. So what are you waiting for?

Which businesses appeal to you? Let's talk in the comments!