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Candle Lovers Gift Guide

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Most people I know enjoy a nice smelling home, and sometimes to achieve a nice smelling home one has to resort to things like candles. Cleaning doesn't always take care of odors from cooking, or pets, or other things.

Gramma Frans Fixins was the candle business I started many years ago, and made many different types of candles, tarts, room sprays, potpourri, and more.

Supporting candle makers now is very important to me. Here is a great gift guide with a ton of fun candles and candle related products from Etsy. Grab all your candle lovers on your list goodies from here.

Food Candles

One of my favorite types of candles is food ones. Food scents, or candles that even look like food. Love them all!

Cinnamon Buns Spoonful Bowl Candle

Can you smell this amazing cinnamon buns spoonful bowl candle. OH MY, how I love cinnamon bun and this is just to adorable!

Cinnamon Bun Spoonful Bowl Candle #cinnamonbun #cinnamonbuncandles #handmadecandles


Coffee Ice Cream Candle

Coffee and Ice Cream in one, YES Please! This candle will tickle any coffee or ice cream lovers senses and it's just adorable to boot! Grab this coffee ice cream soy wax candle today.

Coffee Ice Cream Soy Candle #candles #soycandles #coffeecandles #handmadecandles #etsy


Jar Candles

Rocky Mountain Wood Wick Jar Candles

Wood wick candles are just the neatest sounding candle to burn. They are not an easy candle to get right as far as a candle maker standpoint so when I find quality handmade ones I am thrilled.

Grab some Rocky Mountain Wood Wick Jar Candles for that candle lover on your shopping list, any time of the year.

Rocky Mountain Wood Wick Collection #etsy #woodwickcandles #rockymountaincandles #jarcandles #handmadecandles

F Bomb Candles

Ok, I am “that” girl who drops the F Bomb maybe a bit to much, and I know I have a bad potty mouth. But, I can't resist a candle company with a sense of humor and this company has my vote.

Check out the F Bomb candles, like this Calm the F*#k Down one!

Calm the Fuck Down Candle #etsy #handmadecandles #jarcandles #candlegifts

Coffee Scented Candles

Copper and Kraft has 2 sizes of this yummy dark roast coffee with a hint of cocoa scented candle in mason jars. So, you can kill 2 birds with one stone if you have a candle lover and a coffee lover on your list.

Copper and Kraft Coffee Scented Candles #handmadecandles #candlegifts #etsy #candleloversgifts


Primitive Candles

Are you a lover of primitive decor and primitive looking things? Etsy is so full of awesome primitive type crafters and some make super neat looking candles like these below.

Cellar Candles

Super grungy, and available in many different scents these primitive jar Cellar Candles are a must for any home with a primitive or antique decor.

Primitive Jar Cellar Candles #candles #etsy #candlelover #candlegifts


Flameless Scents

Melts are a great way to go flameless and still enjoy amazing scents through your home. Call them tarts, melts, chunks, or whatever, but no matter what they are all the same. Scented wax with no wick.

Peanut Butter Cup Wax Melts

Drooling here just thinking about these adorable Peanut Butter Cup wax melts. Hide them from people as they might just try to eat them!

Peanut Butter Cup Scented Wax Melts #waxmelts #candles #etsy #handmadecandles #scentedgifts


Variety Box Bread Wax Melts

OH MY, these are just to stinking cute aren't they! Grab a bread lover on your list, a variety box of bread shaped wax melts and see their face light up with a smile. Maybe give this to a carb lover, haha!

Variety Box Bread Wax Tarts #etsy #waxmelts #scentedmelts #handmadegifts


Blueberry Donut Wax Melts

One of my favorite scents, aside from cinnamon bun, is blueberry. And then add to that the fact I love donuts and this is a perfect combo of a wax melt for me. Blueberry Donut Wax Melts for the win every time.

Blueberry Wax Melts #waxmelts #blueberrydonutwaxmelts #etsy #handmadewaxmelts


Hopefully this Candle Lovers Gift Guide will help you shop for any candle lover on your list, no matter the time of year. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Anniversary, etc. Etsy is a great place for all your handmade candle shopping.

Looking for other gift ideas? Check out this Etsy Gift Guide for ready to ship items.



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