I'll be the first to admit that I wouldn't be really comfortable maintaining my own car. Car care just isn't my specialty.

I mean, what kind of oil do I use? Where does the power steering fluid go? And just how much air is supposed to go into the tires anyway?!

That's why I was excited toย partner with the folks at Carmine for this post and happy to receive my very own custom Carmine.

Finally, something to help me tackle car care confidently!

What is a Carmine, you ask?

Carmine is your own customized car care organizer that has all of your vehicle vitals in one place. It also comes with essential safety tools that every car owner should have in your vehicle.

It's the brainchild of Tess Winningham, the Founder & CEO of Carmine. Tess wanted to make sure that women feel empowered about car care. So many times we blindly trust people to take care of things for us without ever really knowing if the job is being done right, or if it's even necessary.

Did you know that women spend 300 billion dollars a year on car maintenance and service alone? What I bet you didn't know is that's over 100 billion more than we should be spending due to escalated fees and unnecessary repairs and expenses .

Now I don't know about you, but that burns me up! I surely don't want anyone taking advantage of me or the women I know because I might not know enough about my vehicle.

Carmine puts your vehicle's specifications right at your fingertips.


Can you answer the following questions:

What size of wheel and tire does your vehicle need?

How do you check the coolant before a road trip?

Would you know if your car is overheated?

With Carmine, now you can!

Carmine Provides Customized Car Care For Every Woman

The Carmine Organizer comes with the following:

Tire Pressure Gauge

Vehicle Vitals Customized to the Year, Make & Model of your vehicle

Brookstone Safety Flashlight and Tool

Carmine Provides Customized Car Care For Every Woman

Exclusive Carmine Membership that will unlock your access to:

  • Exclusive discounts and new technologies
  • How-to videos
  • Discussion forums

All in a compact organizer that fits in your glove box.

Carmine Provides Customized Car Care For Every Woman

The best thing about Carmine is that it gives you knowledge. And we all know that knowledge is powerful, right?

With Carmine, you'll never have to say “I don't know where my engine coolant reservoir is located”, because you'll have an illustrated photo with you at all times that lists the important components of your engine.


Carmine helps you help yourself.

To learn more about Carmine, visit their Website.

Be sure to connect with Carmine: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


The folks at Carmine are offering our readers an exclusive discount for 10% off! Just visit the Quick Trick Alignment Website and enter the code momsn (all lowercase). This offer expires 12-31-2016.

Or you can support their December launch on Indiegogo.