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Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

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This Ultimate Coffee Lovers Gift Guide will help you find the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. Because I'm sure there is someone on your shopping list who loves coffee, am I right?!

The thing about coffee (other than it's awesome!) is that there are so many things that go along with it besides just the coffee. You have coffee cups, coffee makers, coffee stations, coffee bars, and so much more.

Plus most coffee lovers like to display their prominent affection for the delicious beverage in a multitude of ways, including (but not limited to) t-shirts, tote bags, coffee signs, bumper stickers, heck, even cell phone cases!

So without further ado, we've compiled this list of gifts for coffee lovers that will help you decide what to get (and find where to get it) the coffee aficionado in your life.


Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Coffee T-Shirt

This delightfully accurate tee comes in sizes small through 2X (Yay!) and is available in various colors.

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But First Coffee Large Coffee Mug

Let the world know what's first on your list…why it's coffee, of course! Wonderful gift for your coffee loving mom, sister, aunt, friend, daughter…or for yourself! Wanna see more coffee mugs? Visit this post to see some of the best coffee mugs!

But First Coffee Mug #coffeemug #coffeelover #coffeegifts



Coffee Ring

This sterling silver coffee ring is so pretty! It's not closed so it's adjustable to fit almost any size finger.

Coffee Cup Ring #coffeelover #coffeejewelry #coffeegiftguide


Leather Mug Hugger

100% Handmade in Portland, Oregon (Yay Oregon, my home state!) these leather Mug Huggers (why do I love to say that so much?!) fit around any any 16 ounce wide mouth ball jar. You can even choose which image you'd like branded on to your Mug Hugger.

Leather Mug Huggers #coffeelover #coffeemug #coffeegifts


Coffee Printable Home Decor

This Coffee printable is perfect for any kitchen, living room or home office. Very affordable gift, just add a pretty frame and BOOM, you're making one coffee lover very happy!

First I Drink The Coffee Then I do Things Printable #coffeeprintables #coffeegifts



Now it goes without saying that coffee itself is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. And the thing is, there are so many different brands and varieties available, sometimes you just have to try a few new ones out (even if you already have your favorites!)ย  You might try Blackout Coffee Company. I love the name, and the coffee.

If you are one who likes coffee with a bit of flavor, you can check out New England Coffee with flavors like Blueberry Cobbler, Donut Shop, French Vanilla and more.YUM!

Wanna jump on the Forbes bandwagon? This is the coffee Forbes called Best in America!

Wanna know a secret? Click the pic below to see what I drink every single day!

It Works Keto Coffee #itworksketocoffee #ketocoffee #fatfueledcoffee



More Coffee Lovers Gifts


Coffee Gift Baskets

Yes, coffee gift baskets contain, you guessed it, coffee! However they can also contain add ons such as creamer, special stirring spoons, mugs, desserts, and much more. Plus their wrapped up nicely in a basket or box.

You can get your favorite coffee in a gift basket by itself or choose one with different varieties. Very cool way to let your gift recipient try different varieties of coffee.

Coffee Gift Baskets #coffeegiftbasket #coffeelovergifts


Coffee Maker

I have to admit, I was very hesitant to jump on the single cup coffeemaker bandwagon. I have my favorite coffee maker and like the fact that I can brew an entire pot at a time. But after getting a keurig (handed down from a friend), I really enjoy the versatility of it.

My daughters love to each brew their own cup of their favorite coffee in the morning rather than having to drink what moms having (of course, go figure!).

Keurig Coffee Maker #coffeemaker #coffeegifts


Coffee Barย 

A coffee bar is something that almost every person who loves coffee would like to have at their house. We've actually just begun the process of updating our house and next on my list is, you guessed it, a coffee bar!

There are so many different styles and colors, you can use anything from a dining room buffet, to a kitchen cart, to an updated dresser or shelf. Even though it might prove to be a spendy gift, I had to include it in this coffee lovers gift guide because I think it's such a great option.

I love this one even though I don't have room for it. If I ever do, it's coming home with me. Hooks for mugs, wire back for hanging other goodies like baskets to hold coffee filters, or other coffee accessories. And 2 other shelves for baskets for all kinds of fun stuff.


Coffee Bar Cart #coffeebar #coffeegifts #coffeeaccessories


By the way, if you're looking for really cool coffee bar ideas, hop on over to Pinterest and you'll be drooling in no time!

Coffee Sign

These cute mini coffee signs are the perfect kitchen decor. They would look awesome right above that new coffee bar! Or spread them out throughout your kitchen if you do a total coffee theme.

Coffee Signs #coffeesigns #coffeegifts



Coffee Mug Rack

This adorable coffee mug rack is made from reclaimed barnwood and will accommodate mugs up to 4.25 inches tall. This would look great on any coffee lovers wall!
Coffee Mug Rack #coffeerack #coffeemugs

I hope you've had as much fun checking out this coffee lovers gift guide as much as I have putting it together! Still stumped on what to get the coffee lover in your life? You'll find a few more gift ideas below. Happy shopping!


Coffee Lovers Gift Guide #coffeelover #coffeegiftguide