The summer is a wonderful time when there’s a vibe of positivity and optimism in the air. Everywhere we look we see magic in the everyday majesty of blooming plants or the simple beauty of a sunset. It’s a time when everyone seems to be a little more confident, a little more cheerful and a little more appreciative of the little gifts that life throws our way every day… Well, almost everyone. 

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When your kids are home from school for the summer break they can be quite a handful, but when the days are particularly hot and sweaty they get even more grumpy, cranky and crotchety than the rest of us. Children are particularly attuned to changes in weather and if it gets abnormally hot or the skies grow stormy, there’s a good chance that you’ll see an ugly side to them.

But on days when you’re a little on the hot, sticky and irritable side yourself, it can be difficult to handle the situation in a calm, responsible way that prevents it from escalating and ruins your day.


Try not to play the blame game


Yes your child is being unreasonable. Yes, it’s a mockery of justice that it has to ruin your supposedly relaxing day off. Yes their histrionic tantrum is embarrassing you in front of your neighbors… But try and avoid falling into the blame trap. Kids are still grappling with the fundamentals of being human and unreasonably hot weather can compel them to get it wrong. They’ll grow out of this behavior in time… At least that’s what you keep telling yourself.


Help your home to keep its cool


On a hot day, the home can be an oasis of refreshing cool. It can help you to maintain a feeling of calm and serenity that helps you to get some perspective and truly enjoy your summer when it’s perishingly hot outside.


But when your home is just as hot and sticky as outside, you just know that temperatures are going to flare. If you need an AC unit or have one that’s in need of repair, it might be a good idea to pre-emptively call Swift Services Heating And Cooling. A cool home is a calm home. If your budget won’t extend to new AC, you’d be surprised what you can do with a baking tray full of ice and a desk fan.


Breathe. Just… Breathe!


When temperatures are at their highest and kids are at their crankiest it’s a recipe for an emotional outburst that could become a temper tantrum feedback loop. Whether it’s fair or not, you need to appreciate the fact that you’re the responsible adult in the room and it’s your responsibility to calm things down.


The surest solution? A deep breath!


Deep breathing is a very rudimentary anger management technique but it’s also incredibly effective!


Find a way to cool off together


If none of the above works out, how about suggesting a fun way for the both of you to cool off together? Whether it’s a dip in the pool or a trip to the nearest ice cream parlor, a change of scenery will provide a welcome reprieve from the heat while also enabling you to repair your relationship.


You’d be amazed at how quickly even the fiercest temper tantrum subsides with the promise of a banana split.