If you're like a great majority of couples, finding ways to spend time with your partner isn't always easy or affordable, especially when you have children. Weekend getaways aren't always possible. So we're going to share a few ideas that will help you connect with your loved one and spend some quality time close to home. We're talking easy ways that won't stress you out or break the bank.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Spend Time With Your Loved One

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Although it's fun to celebrate special days such as your Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthdays and the like, it's so important to spend time together regularly and just because.

We all live busy lives and sometimes there isn't much time available. But you need to make time. Remember that what you focus on grows. If you want to have a strong marriage, then spending quality time together is an absolute must.


Here are a few easy and cheap ways you can  spend time with your partner


Spending Time Together at Home

Let's face it, if you have small children, home is likely where you spend most of your time. So why not make the best of it? Get creative in how you can connect with your partner and show your love.


Cook Your Favorite Meal

If your honey likes to cook (or even tolerates it, ha ha) this is something fun you can do together that won't cost anymore than a regular meal at home. Go shopping ahead of time and be sure to have all the necessary ingredients on hand. You can do this when the kids are awake, or have a late dinner once they go to bed (early…hey, this is important!)

Want to make cooking extra easy and not have to go shopping yourself for the ingredients? Try out Hello Fresh and get everything you need delivered right to your door! 

I also recommend a little music, and it never hurts to dance in the kitchen while you cook. 🙂


Watch Your Favorite Movie

Whether it's a romantic tear-jerker or an action packed adventure, find a film you both enjoy and make it a date. Again, if you can get the kids to bed early, it's ideal. (Or have them watch their own movie in the other room!) Make some popcorn, have your beverage of choice, and don't forget those chocolates!

Go to Bed Extra Early

I'm just going to come right out and say it- taking time to be intimate with your partner is the most special  activity you can do together…plus it's free! Really set aside some extra time to focus on your partner's needs. Try to veer away from your normal routine (if you have one) and spice things up a little.


Getting Out of the House

If your kids are older or you have an available babysitter, then getting out of the house for the evening could be just what you need.

What easy and cheap ways to spend time together as a couple, love this!

Coffee Date

It's always fun when I get to go out and have coffee with a friend, but I don't do it often with my husband. A few hours of my favorite drink coupled with good conversation sounds like a winning time to me. And you can probably do it for under $10! (Unless, of course, you want to splurge for pie!) 🙂

If you absolutely can't get out of the house, again, put the kiddos to bed and have a coffee date at home.


Beach Trip

The ultimate getaway is a trip to the beach, and if you live close enough to visit, I highly recommend it.

We are fortunate to live only about 45 minutes away. My husband and I like to visit the shops (window shopping is free!), stop for saltwater taffy (and chocolates!), and spend time relaxing in the sand and wading in the ocean.

The beach is my happy place for sure. But if it's not yours or you don't leave nearby, go where you like…a river, lake, or the mountains. There are plenty of amazing and beautiful spots in the United States…and all over the world for that matter. The key is to get out and go somewhere together.

Have a Picnic

I'm guessing there's some kind of park or open outdoor space where you live. Pack up your lunch or dinner and grab a picnic blanket, then head to your favorite spot. Without the kids it can actually be quite romantic (no chasing them around the playground or up and down the slide). You might even want to bring along a bottle of wine if you'd like.


These are just a few easy and cheap ways to spend time with your partner. I hope this helps get those creative juices flowing and encourages you to think of even more special ways you can spend time with the one you love. Have anything to add? We'd love to hear what works for you!


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