If you want to give your kitchen farmhouse style, this post is for you! In my opinion, there are things that every Farmhouse kitchen needs to really give it that farmhouse look.

The following ideas will have you inspired to transform your regular kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen, no matter where you live. No farmhouse required!

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Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Create a Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen

There are some things that every kitchen obviously needs. The fun part is finding ways to incorporate a farmhouse style theme into the regular must-haves.

Sometimes that can be through purchasing new materials to upgrade what you currently have. Other times, it's figuring out how to master DIY projects to give your space more of a farmhouse vibe.

The good news is, whether you have a lot to spend or are looking for farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget, the following information I hope will help you work towards creating the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams.


Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets are all the rage when it comes to giving your kitchen a farmhouse look. But that's not the only option for farmhouse cabinets. Colors such as grey, natural wood and even brighter colors such as aqua are showing up everywhere and people are loving them!

With many people opting to do work themselves, DIY kitchen cabinet tutorials are everywhere these days. Whether you have the know-how to create them from scratch or just want to paint the ones you already have, there are videos on YouTube that will walk you through every step of the process.

Speaking of painting kitchen cabinets, did you know there's a way to do it where no sanding is necessary? Now this is my type of DIY project, the easier, the better!

Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Wall Tile

Subway tile is one of the most popular kitchen backsplash ideas you see in many farmhouse kitchen designs. Thanks to Joanna Gaines, it's everywhere!

Lucky for those of us who lack a little, shall we say, fixer upper skills, there are options that are easy to install. You can find peel and stick kitchen backsplash at Home Depot and other major retailers, and it's much simpler than installing regular subway tile.


Shiplap Backsplash

The other farmhouse favorite when it comes to kitchen backsplash ideas is shiplap (thanks again Joanna Gaines!).

There are a wide variety of shiplap board sizes and styles. You can paint them or leave them raw, as we did when we created our coffee bar wood wall.

I would suggest if you're going to use a shiplap backsplash that you paint it with a good wipeable paint.  Especially behind the stove, I don't know about you, but my spaghetti sauce tends to splatter! I'd be afraid of ruining beautiful wood shiplap that wasn't painted with a washable paint.


Kitchen Wallpaper

If you want the shiplap look everywhere in your kitchen, consider Shiplap Removable Wallpaper from Magnolia Home. This wallpaper goes great in any farmhouse style kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom or bathroom, for that matter!

Another great option that screams farmhouse chic is brick wallpaper.  I mean sure, you could totally hire a bricklayer to come in and make over your house, but who's got time (or funds) for that?!

Both of these options are a great way to change the look of your kitchen without hiring a carpenter or brick layer.

Farmhouse Sink

If you're going for that true fixer upper style, you need a farmhouse kitchen sink. You really want to do your homework here and not only check out the sink you want in detail (including reading the reviews!) but also make sure you have done your measurements correctly.

My friend Debbie has a great post about popular farmhouse sinks here that you might want to check out.

As we're only upgrading our kitchen a little at a time, a new sink wasn't in the cards for us right now. But I'm fairly sure that I've decided to get a copper farmhouse sink once it is in the budget. I have heard good things about this copper farmhouse sink from Sinkology.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Gathering around the kitchen table takes me back to a simpler time, where family was first and it was important to connect after a long day. I think this is the epitome of the farmhouse lifestyle, taking time to eat together, relax and spend time gathered around the table.

This is something that is important to me, and I make sure my family eats dinner together every night. Even though we don't have our farmhouse table yet, I have my eye on a few and have been scouting the best places to buy farmhouse kitchen tables.

Where to Find a Farmhouse Table



Home Depot


DIY  Here are tips on how to build a farmhouse table. You can also find farmhouse table plans here.



Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

Farmhouse lighting for your kitchen can be so fun to shop for! I love the thrill of finding just the right look whether you have an eat in kitchen or a separate dining area. Here are a few farmhouse lighting ideas that will give you several options to choose from when it comes to sticking with a farmhouse theme.

Pendant Light

There are such a wide variety of options when it comes to pendant lights. A Galvanized Metal Pendant Light will add a little rustic flair to any farmhouse kitchen. And though I'm not sure how long it will last, right now the one below is on sale for 58% off at Kirklands!

Mini Pendant Lights

Whether it's over the kitchen sink, an island, or even a breakfast table, mini pendant lights are a perfect addition to any farmhouse kitchen. I really like the look of this Vintage Edison Mini Pendant Light I found at The Home Depot, and it's super affordable to boot!

Vintage Farmhouse Lighting

Don't rule out finding vintage lighting at local antique stores. Of course you can find replicas almost anywhere, but when scouting local flea markets and vintage shops, you never know what gems you will stumble upon!


Chandelier Lighting

When it comes to farmhouse lighting, chandeliers are a very popular choice. The hard part is, there are so many different styles to choose from!

Wood Bead Chandeliers are very popular and can be used in all rooms, even the kitchen.


If you're into a fancier look, something like this Farmhouse Crystal Pendant Chandelier would be a great choice. (Plus it's a really decent price right now!)



You can find this kind of Farmhouse Kitchen Chandelier all over Instagram these days. I think they're very pretty even though it's not what I chose for my kitchen. (See my chandelier below.)


This type of chandelier is it's a cross between rustic-farmhouse and vintage-industrial style. So it gives off more of a modern farmhouse vibe.
One thing I love is that there are so many varieties of this light, as well as finishes. The one pictured below features bands that have a real wood look that surround a bronze candelabra, but you can also get a brushed nickel finish if that's more your liking.


Last but not least (truth be told I could go on and on writing about farmhouse kitchen lighting as there are some really gorgeous selections!) I stumbled across this Adjustable Cage Multi-Pendant Chandelier that is simply stunning!  Guys, I'm seriously scanning my kitchen right now to see if there's any possible way to incorporate this beauty into my current design. I'm not even kidding!


Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Tips

Shopping for farmhouse kitchen decor is probably one of my all time favorite things to shop for. Between wall art, farmhouse accessories and my Rae Dunn Coffee Mug collection, I'm always finding another addition either to the room itself or to my list of things to get.


Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

When it comes to kitchen wall decor, there are a plethora of options. I'm constantly telling my hubby “we need more wall space!” as I've found so many great pieces that I'd love to be able to fit into my kitchen.

I've decided to list a few below, some that I own, and others that I'd like to someday.

Kitchen Wall Art

There are literally so many options in wall art, it can be hard and overwhelming to choose. Especially if you are limited on wall space like I am in my kitchen.

If you have a large wall, start with one piece as a focal point. Then you can add smaller pictures or some of the following options listed below into the mix.

Metal Windmills are very popular, like the one pictured below. I just realized it's also a clock, how cool is that?!

Kitchen Farmhouse Signs

This has to be one of my favorite things to hang in my kitchen (and dining room, and living room…I could go on and on!). If you love farmhouse signs, Hobby Lobby might give you a heart attack, LOL. The first time I walked in I was so overwhelmed I didn't buy anything!

There are many styles of farmhouse signs, from wood to metal to painted, and everything in between. And you can find everything from words like Coffee, Kitchen, Pantry, and Farmhouse to Gather, Eat, Blessed and so many more!

Luckily there are a whole lot of places that sell them. I found a coffee bar sign made locally that I just love. And if you're into handmade, Etsy is a super awesome place to find farmhouse signs for your kitchen.

I have to admit, although I'm a huge fan of the metal farmhouse signs, I don't own a single one of them…YET! I do love the Metal Farmhouse Coffee Sign  (pictured below) but since I had already purchased one locally I didn't get it. But I definitely see a metal sign in my future, just not sure what it's going to say or where I'm going to put it!


Kitchen Wall Clocks

I always wanted an extra large wall clock for my kitchen but alas, I don't really have the space. But I did find an antique replica wall clock that I wound up adding to my coffee bar wall and I really like it. I found it at a local home decor shop but you can also get one just like it on Amazon.



As much as I do love the one I have, I also really like the look of the round vintage wall clocks, and like I said, extra large!

Kitchen Wall Shelves

Shelving is super fun, and definitely part of a farmhouse inspired kitchen look. My husband made me a couple shelves using gorgeous blue spruce and I simply love them. It's an affordable DIY farmhouse decor project that's fairly simple to do.

There is such a vast assortment of kitchen shelving available it's hard to know what to go with. Industrial shelving is very popular and I personally love the look of it in a farmhouse style kitchen.

Floating wood shelves are another option that seem to go really well with the farmhouse look. I like the ones pictured below that I found on Amazon as they come in different colors and I thought that was cool.



And lastly, these distressed enamel white metal shelves scream farmhouse to me!

Kitchen Wall Rack

Coffee mug racks are another hot product in farmhouse style decorating ideas. You'll find pictures of them all over social media. One of the most popular is the metal wall mounted coffee mug rack like the one pictured below. It's a great option for coffee mug storage if you have ample wall space for this type of rack.


This cubby wall shelf is also all the rage. Coffee lovers everywhere are using these to hang over their coffee bars in their farmhouse kitchens. They are great as they have storage and you can even put little baskets in the cubbies to hold even more stuff like K-Cups.



You can find such an eclectic variety of coffee mug racks on Etsy.  I had a hard time choosing a favorite to feature here so I ultimately decided to picture a few nice kitchen wall racks below.




Kitchen Wall Colors

Let me be totally honest here. My kitchen walls (except for our one wooden wall my husband created that our coffee bar is on) are still the original white paint color that they were when we bought our house.

So to say that I'm not an expert at farmhouse paint colors…or any paint colors for that matter…is an understatement.
I thought I'd be of better service in this area if I pointed you in the right direction of people who are better equipped to help you find the perfect farmhouse kitchen wall color. Especially if you're looking for kitchen wall colors to go with white cabinets.

Visit any one of the posts below for good advice:

How to Choose The Perfect Farmhouse Paint Colors 

Farmhouse Style Paint Colors 

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

The Best Rustic Farmhouse Paint Colors


Farmhouse Countertops

Granite– It seems like many people love granite countertops, but I'm not sure they're the best choice for a busy family. Granite is more likely to chip, but better equipped to handle heat. You will need to reseal the surface approximately every 12-18 months.

Butcher Block – Many people who love farmhouse style also love to repurpose and DIY, and butcher block countertops are one area you can do this if you have the expertise (or willingness to learn). Reclaimed wood does have pros and cons when being used on counters  so it's up to you to decide if it's the right choice for your kitchen.

Marble – This can be a cost-effective option, but marble countertops are very high maintenance. It's susceptible to scratches, chips and stains. Although they are simply gorgeous, it's a hard pass from this mama.

Soapstone– It's much more durable than regular granite and fairly low maintenance. It doesn't stain and is heat resistant. And although it scratches fairly easy, a piece of sandpaper is all you need to buff them out quickly and easily.

Quartz– One of the most hard-wearing options for kitchen countertops, a simple soap and water wipe down is usually all you need to maintain these beauties. You will need to be careful with heat as they are heat-resistant , but only up to around 300 degrees. Definitely keep your hot pads handy for these.


Don't forget about the island! Farmhouse kitchen islands are a must-have in most kitchens and you can find most of the countertop choices above work really well on an island too.

You can even find portable islands for your kitchen that can either match or contrast your existing cabinetry, both of which are great options.


You can find small portable islands or larger ones, but there is no shortage of selection here for sure. I have even seen people use these for their kitchen island and I love the idea! I'd totally do this if I had room in my kitchen.



Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring

From the size of the plank to the color and finish of your farmhouse style flooring, if you want hardwood floors in your kitchen, you have some research to do. I'd start with this post here. This is not something you want to rush into (that is, unless you have a wad of money to waste!), definitely examine all of your options before deciding to go this route in your farmhouse kitchen.

Hardwood flooring can be expensive and isn't always the best choice when you have kids and pets as it tends to scratch easily. There are affordable alternatives such as luxury vinyl plank  that are both scratch and water resistant, which I think is a good thing in a kitchen. Again, especially if you have kids!


Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

These are some of my favorite places to shop for farmhouse decor for my kitchen…and many other rooms as well!

Antique Farmhouse

Decor Steals

Hobby Lobby







Well there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed this post Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas Every House Needs to Be Amazing! Have fun with your farmhouse kitchen decorating!


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